Brock U. Political Scientist Reacts To Trump’s First Press Conference As President-Elect

In 15 years teaching American politics, Brock Political Science Prof. Paul Hamilton has never seen anything like it.

A News Release from Brock University in Niagara, Ontario

Posted January 11th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Trump performed as same old Trump at January 11th press conference - his first full press conference in six months. Photo for this Brock U. media release inserted by NAL.

Trump performed as same old Trump at January 11th press conference – his first full press conference in six months. Photo for this Brock U. media release inserted by NAL.

St. Catharines/Niagara – “I’m surprised by how little he has changed from the primaries,” the associate professor in the Department of Political Science said of President-elect Donald Trump. “He doesn’t seem to have absorbed much of the sort of manners of the office.

“You would think meeting Obama, touring the Whitehouse, nominating people for Cabinet, that all of those things would have sobered his mind, but it doesn’t appear it has.”

Hamilton watched with interest this Wednesday (January 11th)  as Trump officially addressed the media for the first time since winning the election this past November 8th . Trump’s acrimonious relationship with the media continued as he called out certain reporters by name and wouldn’t take questions from CNN, calling the network “fake news.”

“The testiest I’ve ever seen Obama or Bush was nothing compared to that,” Hamilton said. “It was astonishing. He seems to treat the press as an irritant, which they can be, but he can’t treat them that way.”

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders



4 responses to “Brock U. Political Scientist Reacts To Trump’s First Press Conference As President-Elect

  1. Ralph Nader inferred Party Corruption exists and the meanest form of Arrogance and Ignorance came to the fore before and during these recent Presidential Elections. That a Party would “RIG” the selection of their Candidate is beyond reality and then to witness the mud slinging that took place during a “PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION” WOW!!! Who would believe especially in a country that waves the flag like it is the Holy Grail.
    God Bless America is the NORMAL Prayer of Americans……BUT Now I think it is more appropriate to raise one’s voice and Pray for GOD to “HELP” America……. and in turn the rest of the world…….Amen


  2. Soon he will refuse to address the press at all. Gone are the Fireside Chats of FDR and Kennedy’s TV addresses. Perhaps this is fortuitous since we would otherwise be as terrified by his ramblings as we are by his 3 am tweets.This is the first press conference, if it can be misconstrued as such, since July. He blatantly refused to address some who wanted to pose questions, responding only to those he wished, and insulted others outright. Most of the “press conference” consisted of speeches and excuses presented by his lawyers and subordinates who could present his positions, such as they are…. which he is too inarticulate to do. He doesn’t even have a long enough attention span to endure cross examination.

    As is said, whoever controls the media, controls the mind. Meryl Streep, that loser, was right. Now more than ever we need a free and unbiased press that presents facts. Leave opinions to the editorials where they belong but otherwise present FACTS. Obama was correct in his farewell address when he said we pick the media that reinforces our already established opinions and then argue impersonally on web sites we chose that agree. The media should never present events in that biased manner. He treats the press not only with disrespect but absolute disdain. I cannot use the words here that I would wish to describe this fool.

    Thank you Doug for your persistence in presenting facts and telling it like it is. You obviously have strong opinions but always back them up with truth, sincerity and ethics. That is what journalism should be. We need more journalists like you.

    Since the movie trailer quote from “The Fly” has found its way into the vernacular, I will repeat it here….”Be afraid. Be very afraid”.


  3. During my 43 plus years as an educator, I taught all grades from primary through college and university. President-Elect’s management of his first press conference was more typical of a petulant teenager than a reasoning leader of a great and powerful nation. One would think he had learned some more appropriate interpersonal skills since the election. Not! He is still a bully and limited in his repertoire of responses in difficult situations. “America has never been so low!” You are right Mr. Trump.


  4. Arnold W. Mooney

    Personally I am already tired of all the Trump-bashing. It never ceases to amaze me about all the bickering and whining about everything this man does, right down to every expressions he and his wife make. NOTHING is safe from criticism. Is that all people have to do? Oh, he’s no angel, I’ll grant you that. But I can remember back Albert Einstein coming up with ‘crazy’ theories and such, and the media didn’t jump all over him because he didn’t comb his hair. Give Trump 100 days and lets see what happens. For many years, politicians have bragged about how they would right the financial situation and NONE have bothered. They more or less just pad their own accounts. This upsets me a lot more than whether The Donald comes off as neanderthal. Methinks it is all about the “Establishment” being afraid of the man. They’re worried about their free ride on the backs of the great unwashed being in jeopardy.


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