Last Chance For 18 Years– This Night Of November 14th/15th – To See ‘Supermoon’

A Brief One from Doug Draper

Posted November 14th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

If the skies are clear this Monday, November 14th evening and through the dark hours of the night before sunrise, look up and see the largest moon anyone has seen with their naked eyes since 1948, and anyone will see again until the year 2034.

Photo of "supermoon" shared by Niagara, Ontario resident Linda McKellar.

Photo of “supermoon” shared by Niagara, Ontario resident Linda McKellar.

I caught this “supermoon,” as it is being called because it is orbiting as close to our earth as it ever usually gets, just before morning set in this Monday, when I got up around 6 a.m. to serve our cats Dexter and Dylan their food.

It was an awesome sight and because Gord Downie and his band Tragically Hip have been so much in the minds of Canadians in recent months with news of Gord Downie’s terminal cancer diagnosis, I immediately began humming the words to one of my favourite songs by him and the group – ‘Morning Moon’.

If you get a chance and the clouds in the sky let you, please step out of your home or whatever building you are in and savour a view of that beautiful moon and whatever poetic thoughts or reminisces it inspires for you.

The image include with this image is one taken by a regular reader and contributor of commentary to Niagara At Large, Linda McKellar, which she took of this great moon shortly after it appeared last night.

Here, if you like, are the lyrics to Gord Downie’s song ‘Morning Moon’ –

“The reactor’s down I guess for Labour Day, today It’s the first day I ain’t seen A great plume of steam from across the lake From across the lake Hey, that’s a morning moon, yeah.

I’m not making strain Said, “Someone’s paying When something’s too cheap Somebody’s paying something” You said, “Some one’s paying something.” Under a morning moon, yeah Say those little things that don’t make anyone feel better, yeah

It didn’t take too much to upset her Nothing that could clear the room To say one little thing that could make me feel better Under this morning moon, yeah

The sun’s a light bulb and the moon is a mirror There are times when you can see both the bulb and the mirror See the bulb and the mirror And that’s the morning moon, yeah Say…”

The Buffalo News – one of the last good newspapers we have in this greater Niagara region and Western New York area – published a good front-page story on the supermoon this November 14th which you can check out by clicking here .

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