When Will All Of The Hatred & Killing End?

“Imagine all the people, living life in peace.”   –  from the song Imagine by  John Lennon

A Comment from Niagara At Large publisher Doug Draper

One of my darkest fears is that we can imagine all we want, but the answer to when will the carnage end is never – especially when we’ re talking about our species.

The knife-brandishing Jihadi John may be gone but others of his psychotic ilk murder on

The knife-brandishing Jihadi John may be gone but others of his psychotic ilk murder on

There seems to be something twisted in the way we humans are hard-wired that causes one subgroup after another of us to go on slaughtering each other, and not just for the ‘big’ reasons like; ‘We better wipe those people out before they swipe all of the oil that we swiped first’. It could be something as nonsensical and small as not liking the way someone else dresses or the colour of their skin or their religious beliefs (or lack there-of) that sends some of us off to the killing fields.

This past November 13th, I was with a group of people who were celebrating reports that ‘Jihad John’ – the nickname the world gave to naturalized British citizen Mohammed Emwazi who made himself infamous wielding a knife and wearing a black ski mask somewhere in the deserts of Syria and Iraq as he was shown in videos sponsored by the terrorist group ISIS cutting off the heads of Western hostages – was killed in an American drone strike.explosion

Then someone in the group – namely this someone – put a a bit of a damper on the celebration with a reminder that this world is full of psychos already lined up to take that screwball’s place.

And sure enough, that very evening – Friday, November 13th, 2015 and another one of all-too-many dates that will now live in infamy – the cable channels broke to news of the horrific slaughter of more than 120 people in Paris, France, of bomb blasts that killed more than 40 people in the southern Beirut area of Lebanon, and to later reports of the ISIS wackos claiming responsibility.

Every one of us around the world who imagine a more peaceful world should share our thoughts with the people of Paris and France, Beirut and Lebanon, and with the families and friends of the victims in the wake of this inexcusable brutality.

Then we should focus on finding the most effective ways to liquidate murder machines like ISIS Al Qaeda, and not by escalating, let alone continuing bombing campaigns that too often do collateral damage that kills innocent civilians. And certainly not (and I’ve heard news of this one following reports that a Syrian passport was found on the body of one of the Paris killers) by shutting the doors to many thousands of Syrian refugees who, themselves, are fleeing this very kind of violence perpetrated not only by ISIS, but by the monster still running that country – Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Another 140 slaughtered in Paris, France

Another 140 slaughtered in Paris, France

One of the most effective ways of starving groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda to death, according to many with access to the intelligence files on them, is to cut off the supply of money that pays for their tanks, bombs and guns, and for the many twisted young men and women who serve in their killing squads.

In the case of ISIS, this money comes mostly from stolen oil, a good deal of which is sold back to the Assad regime in Syria, and is then marketed to countries like Russia and China, and reportedly to countries in the European Union, including (sadly enough) France.

In the case of Al Qaeda and of corrupt individuals in an Afghanistan government we’ve been led by our governments and the mainstream media to believe is an ally in the fight against this group, much of its blood money reportedly comes from the plantations of poppies used to manufacture the heroin that ultimately destroys of millions of people’s lives around the world.

So when are our Western leaders going to cut off the flow of the oil and heroin these groups are selling to keep themselves alive? And if we are going to bomb or burn anything, why not do it to the oil rigs and poppy plantations that serve as the source of their bounty.

More than 40 murdered this past November 13th, 2015 in Beirut. When will it end?

More than 40 murdered this past November 13th, 2015 in Beirut. When will it end?

I might get in trouble with some of my fellow peaceniks here, but that is one bombing and burning campaign I could support.

And finally, when are our governments going to have the guts to do with Syrian henchman al-Assad what Israel did 55 years ago with the Nazi holocaust criminal Adolf Eichmann. Go in to where ever the bastard is, grab him and haul him before the World Court where he can be charged and tried for the murder of more than 100,000 of his own people and hell knows how many others.

Enough of the all of the useless and destructive scare-mongering, compromising of our civil rights, and wasting of billions of dollars and every-growing numbers of  innocent lives in seemingly endless bombing campaigns by Canada’s recently defeated Harper government, the Bush/Obama governments in the United States, and other Western nations – all in the name of waging some never-ending ‘war on terror’.

Let’s take time to mourn the loss of the latest victims of the psychos killing under the ISIS and Al Qaeda banners, then lets finally get down to the real business of pulling out and incinerating every last root these groups need to survive.

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3 responses to “When Will All Of The Hatred & Killing End?

  1. We seem to continually forget to address the victims of the Boko Haram. This group is as ruthless as ISIS (perhaps moreso). Is it that the multi national corporations do not have as much invested in Nigeria and surrounding area as it does in the ISIS area?


  2. When greed ends and people understand where money really comes from. Not the printed money to make up for the greed but real money – industry, entrepreneurism. When we let countries grow on their own and not introduce Agenda 21 into the mix. When common sense is the norm. When private property rights are respected. When government realizes that as head of a family not all their children are equal and deal with it accordingly. Wake up people. Nothing just happens, you make it happen.


  3. I agree with you Doug that we are dancing all around the source of this hatred. It’s all about greed and exploitation BY THE WEST. We pluck the leaves off the trees of evil that we planted but the roots will continue to thrive. The Middle East should never have been chopped, sliced and diced by people who had no business doing so. What would any of us do if someone from another land came and gave our home to someone else or bombed it into oblivion? Meanwhile the military/industrial complex that Eisenhower (both a military man and a Republican!) warned us about is buying governments and armies worldwide to do just that. One year an army is our dread enemy and the next year our ally. Arm them, train them and then they turn against you like so many puppets have done. They never learn.

    Someone always PROFITS from the war and killing at the expense of the dead and displaced. Such wars and genocides were ignored in countries like Rwanda. Why? The people were black and there were no resources they wanted. They refused to call the slaughter of a half million in a month a genocide because that would mean they would have to act by international law. That is proof that war is about what some third party can get out of it. In that case, nothing. In the same vein, how much coverage did the Beirut massacre get compared to Paris? They just weren’t as important. Inconsequential Arabs.

    I’m with Trudeau on this. Get the hell out of the Middle East. Help the women and children who are always the collateral damage.

    Don’t buy their oil or heroine. Oil is destroying our planet. Heroine destroys lives. Let the Saudis, Kuwaitis and Bahrainians spend some of their filthy wealth controlling their Arab brothers and taking in refugees. Less culture shock for both. Capture the leaders and take them to The World Court as the murderers they are. Of course there will always be replacements but every one brought to trial is one less. While we’re at it, I suggest Bush, Cheney, Blair and Rumsfeld are also put on trial for their illegal and unjustified invasion of Iraq which has destabilized the whole region (and the world) and killed at least hundreds of thousands. They were just as bad as the tin pot dictators they deposed and fought their wars by proxy. None of them ever served in a war zone.

    The saddest part of all this is that the leaders are seldom attacked, just innocents who had NOTHING to do with the travesties the leaders committed. I recall cringing when I saw those tragic figures leaping from the World Trade Centre and thinking, what did THEY do to deserve this? The same as those in Paris or Beirut, nothing! The big guys never pay for their sins. Just the little people.

    Lennon’s song says it all. What happened to him for being blunt, controversial and outspoken? Murdered.


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