One Billion Dollars for Renovations at Queen’s Park? To Hell With That!

To Hell With Ford and Company  at Queen’s Park. Let Them Live With the Lead Pipes, Asbestos Insulation and the Rest of the Rot Like Everyone Else

A Brief Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted February 9th, 2023 at Niagara At Large

When I learned from a report on CBC Radio earlier this February 9th that the Ontario government is prepared to spend at least a billion dollars of our money to upgrade that house of ill repute that allegedly serves as a provincial legislature, I was on the verge of throwing a coffee mug into a mirror.

They are going to spend at least a billion dollars of our money fixing this place up when people across the province are struggling to keep a roof over their heads?

Here we are – so many young and old and everyone in between Ontario residents today – struggling to pay our bills and put decent food on our tables, and we’ve got Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his government wanting to spend at least a billion dollars of our money upgrading Queen’s Park in Toronto.

And here are the first few paragraphs of a CBC story on the subject –

“At 130 years old, Ontario’s legislature is showing its age.

There are lead pipes and asbestos running through the walls, mountains of old cables and wires stacked on top of new ones, an inefficient steam heating system with parts that frequently fail and fire safety systems in need of upgrading.

The “hazardous and severely deficient” infrastructure has members and officials of the legislature eyeing a full decommissioning of the building for large-scale renovations and moving the business of governing elsewhere for about eight years.”

To hell with Ford and his lead pipes. Why should the rest of us pay for that?

Well Gee Wiz, Mr. Premier. You have lead pipes? Asbestos? Old wires?

Welcome to the world many of the rest of us live in.

This isn’t your family’s luxury cottage up north.

And the rest of us   don’t have the taxpayers of the province to pay our way out of asbestos in the walls, lead pipes and the rest of it.

So to hell with you Mr. Ford. You want to get away from lead pipes and asbestos? Pay for it yourself.

Or find a way to burn the place down like others who want to get rid of old buildings do. As is almost always the case, the  cops and Ontario’s Fire Marshall’s Office will never get to the bottom of who did it.

They almost never do.

Just don’t make Ontario residents who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables pay for your rotting digs at Queen’s Park.

To read a CBC story on this, click on the following link –

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One response to “One Billion Dollars for Renovations at Queen’s Park? To Hell With That!

  1. Exposure to all those heavy metals and toxic chemicals may explain their damaged mental processes and the poor decisions that result.


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