Ford Government and Vandals in Development Industry Now Threatening Ontario’s Greenbelt

Now Ford and his Pirates Go After Our Most Precious Food-Growing Lands.

What’s Next? Selling Off the Fresh Waters in Our Great Lakes?

A Brief News Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted November 4th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

As if raping our wetlands and woodlands for urban sprawl is not enough, now Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his Tories are aiming at our province’s world-renown Greenbelt.

Ford Government and its scoundrels in development industry are targetting our world-renown Greenbelt

In a news release this Friday, November 4th afternoon that can be otherwise called a “Friday afternoon dump” –the kind of news scoundrels release just before a weekend, hoping it won’t get much attention – the Ford government says it is going after Greenbelt lands to build sprawling suburbs.

These Greenbelt lands – located in Niagara and and the GTA, and recognized by the United Nations a few decades back as a model for protecting valuable farmland – are now a target for the Ford Tories and their greedy supporters in the development and home building industry.

The media release they put out gives the impression that they will replace green space outside the boundaries of the existing Greenbelt for every hectare of land paved over, but it sounds like bullshit. There is also no assurance that any land replaced will be as productive for food production as the lands destroyed by these pirates.

Niagara At Large will have more on this latest move by the Ford government to gut our natural heritage in the days ahead.

Fo now, click on –

To read a CBC report onthis,click on – 

And here is the Ford government’s news release on this which is a wicked exercise in ‘lies, damn lies and statistics.’ –

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One response to “Ford Government and Vandals in Development Industry Now Threatening Ontario’s Greenbelt

  1. The Greenbelt was an ambitious plan by the liberals which was the impetus for the high housing prices, as lands outside the Greenbrlt were then priced higher. The Liberals were releasing lands from the Greenbelt and didn’t add back. But the general public doesn’t know that.
    Every Region has a Conservation Authority to protect Environmentally Sensitive Wetlands. People who are concerned about the environment should solicit the government for funds to plant trees on highways on the farms where the snow drifts onto to highways causing many accidents such as Highway 115 to Peterborough.


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