Town of Lincoln Thinks Globally, Acts Locally to Address Climate Crisis

Lincoln’s Fall Tree Giveaway and Rain Barrel Sale continues to make a sustainable impact

“One of the four pillars of our (Lincoln) Council Priorities is to be a resilient community, and as part of that pillar, we have set out the goal to adapt and respond to a changing climate, and collectively we demonstrate our commitment.”                                  – Sandra Easton, Mayor, Town of Lincoln

News from the Town of Lincoln in Niagara, Ontario

Posted October 28th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton

Lincoln, Ontario – The Town successfully hosted the second Tree Giveaway and Subsidized Rain Barrel Sale on Saturday, October 22, 2022. The Town gave away 450 free native trees to residents and local schools and 131 subsidized rain barrels at the drive-through event.

The additional opportunity was in response to the community’s interest in the inaugural event held in the Spring of 2022.

When the trees are fully grown, the trees and rain barrels will mitigate approximately 1.2 million L of stormwater annually from entering the stormwater system and remove the carbon dioxide equivalent of 11,000L of gasoline.

The event partnered with Brock University, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, and Tree-O-Code Canada, allowing residents to receive educational resources and native trees.

In May 2021, the Town of Lincoln Council immediately passed a motion to declare a climate crisis in Lincoln.

Town Council recognizes the urgent need to take action to mitigate the effects of climate change and to deepen the Town’s commitment to protecting its economy, ecosystems, and community from climate change. This initiative is one of many opportunities for the collective community to create a sustainable Lincoln.



“One of the four pillars of our Council Priorities is to be a resilient community, and as part of that pillar, we have set out the goal to adapt and respond to a changing climate, and collectively we demonstrate our commitment,” said Mayor Sandra Easton. “The continued interest in this initiative is inspiring to witness, and a step towards creating a livable and sustainable Lincoln.”

“This initiative is an example of the strength in collaboration and collective action to contribute towards sustainable growth and resilience,” said Michael Kirkopoulos, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Lincoln. “This initiative is made possible by staff, residents, and community partners’ desire to work together to create long-term sustainability in Lincoln.”

“A sincere thanks to our community partners and residents who want to play a role in creating a sustainable community,” added Shannon Fernandes, climate change coordinator for the Town of Lincoln. “This year, residents chose to help us plant 950 new trees and install 318 rain barrels on private properties in Lincoln; thank you, Lincoln.”

Once the trees are fully grown, each year, the trees and barrels will mitigate approximately 2.8 million L of stormwater from entering the stormwater system, removing the carbon dioxide equivalent of 25,000 of gasoline.

Climate change is already impacting global economies, communities, and built and natural environments. It remains the most significant global threat to current and future generations’ quality of life and security. Bold and collective action at international, national, and community levels is required to effect change, build resilience, mitigate future threats, and ensure a prosperous future for generations.

Thanks to the community’s interest in the recent event, the Town hopes to host an additional event in Spring 2023. Residents can register for updates on the Speak Up Lincoln (  page to be notified when further details are released.

To learn more about sustainability initiatives for the Town of Lincoln, please visit the Climate Adaptation Plan on Speak Up Lincoln. (

Community Engagement Opportunity

Community Low-Carbon Resilience Plan Survey:  The Town is engaging with the public and key stakeholders to ensure Lincoln’s Community Low-Carbon Resilience Plan reflects resident concerns and visions for a sustainable community.  The survey aims to understand perspectives on high-level climate action, gather greenhouse gases and single-use plastic reduction action ideas, set reduction targets, and develop a vision and principles to guide the planning process.

Complete the Community Low-Carbon Resilience Plan Survey ( and be entered into a draw to win a free tree.  The survey deadline is November 4, 2022.

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