Some Good News for a Change- People Power Has Saved Juno Beach!

It Took the Voices of Everyday People Like You and I – Not Government- to Save this Hallowed Ground

A Brief Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted October 11th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

In between all of the bad news we are bombarded with every day, there is some good news – good news that needs to be highlighted because it has the potential to give us a ray of hope!

Juno Beach, where Canadians made a heroic charge for freedom, on the shores of Normandy, France

One slice of good news I want to share here and now with you  is that voices of everyday Canadians like you and I – countless thousands of us from coast to coast – helped save Juno Beach along the shores in Normandy, France.

Yes, because of those of us who wrote and mailed or emailed letters, signed petitions and took the time to call our federal Members of Parliament, enough pressure was put on our government and the government of France to stop a developer from paving over the beach where, in June of 1944, thousands of Canadians fought and died during the D-Day assault that played a key role in marking the beginning of the end of Hitler’s fascist domination of Europe and way too much of the free world.

It is as if a victory at Juno Beach was won one more time-only this time over the forces of commercial greed.

And it was only won because of the voices of ordinary people – people like you and I – speaking out. It is another reminder that this is the way most great battles for progress are won – through people rising up to press the powers that be to finally do the right thing.

A special thanks to a Canadian-based citizens group called Save Juno Beach for leading the charge on this. And shame on our federal government representatives, who always walk around with poppies on their collars on Rembrmbrance Day for not.

For more on JunoBeach, click on No Condos For Juno Beach (

For further information on Save June Beeach click on or call 613-858-2760

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