Trudeau Liberals Rip Us Off With Unpopular AriveCAN APP

Creation of this Controversial Border-Crossing APP Cost Canadian Taxpayers Far More than Necessary. On this One, Trudeau and Company Picked Our Pockets

A Brief News Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted October 7th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

Thanks to Trudeau and everyone in his Liberal caucus for picking the wallets of struggling Canadians to produce and operate their ArriveCAN APP project for crossing our Canada-U.S. border bridges

The Trudeau government’s AriveCAN APP wasn’t just a pain for Canadians and Americans wanting to cross our shared border bridges.

According to a front-page story in the Friday, October 7th edition of The Globe and Mail, the creation of this online monster that overstayed its welcome until finally deemed unmanatory by the Trudeau government at the end of this September, cost Canadian taxpayers  at least $54 million when it could have less than $1 million to set up and launch.

To make matters worse, and even more suspicious for those of us who have wondered all along who is making the money off this ArriveCAN operation, Trudeau and company is refusing to say what corporations they contracted the work for building the ArriveCAN APP to.

Which leaves us with a wide open question. Is there any chance that corporations that support the federal Liberals with campaign dollars and through other means profited off of this ArriveCAN project?

Could the money so ill-spent on this APP not have gone to long-term care, affordable housing or some other more urgent need?

To make matters worse, we will never know how many countless hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly running into the billions, the ArriveCAN requrement continued  to cost the economies of border communities in total, in Niagara and elsewhere across Canada and the United States up to this October 1st when it finally, was no longer mandatory.

Perhaps you should consider contacting the federal MP in your riding for some answers. Since you and I paid for this, we certainly deserve some answers.

For more on this, click on – Costs for ArriveCAN app revealed and Canadians are furious how much was spent (

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