Only Ontario  PCs Will Build the New South Niagara Hospital, Doug Ford Vows

New state-of-the-art hospital in south-west Niagara Falls with more beds part of plan to keep Ontario’s economy open

A News Release from the Campaign of Doug Ford’s Ontario Conservatives

Posted May 20th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario – Today (this May 20th), Doug Ford announced that only a re-elected PC government will get shovels in the ground this year to build a new hospital in Niagara Falls with more beds and expanded services.

Niagara Falls, Ontario Mayor Jim Diodati shakes hands with Ontario Conservative’s Doug Ford this May 20th on the proposed site of a new “Niagara South” hospital, in the corner of Niagara Falls, just south-west of the soon to be developed Thundering Waters Forest. Photo courtesy of Ford Conservatives

“The Del Duca-Wynne Liberals made empty promises to people in the Niagara Region and stalled this project for years,” said Doug Ford. “The Liberals and Andrea Horwath’s NDP voted against this project and have no real plan to fix the broken health care system they left behind.” 

Since 2018, the Ontario PCs have invested almost $20 million to plan the new 11-story South Niagara Hospital that is expected to start construction in Fall 2022. The hospital will consolidate and expand acute care services and replace outdated infrastructure with high-tech facilities including eight operating suites and 469 medical surgical, complex care and critical care beds. This is 156 more beds than Niagara Health’s Port Colborne, Fort Erie and Niagara campuses combined. 

In addition to 24/7 emergency, critical care and surgical services, the hospital will also be home to several centres of excellence specializing in stroke, complex care, geriatrics and geriatric psychiatry and wellness in aging. 

“Only the Ontario PCs will get shovels in the ground and deliver a hospital in Niagara that families in the region deserve,” added Ford. “We will continue to make historic investments to increase our hospital capacity and ensure that Ontarians can receive world class health care, wherever they live in the province. We will get it done and build the hospital beds we need to keep our province and economy open.”

Three good pals. Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati, Ontario Conservative Leader Doug Ford and Niagara Falls Riding Ford candidate Bob Gale, doing a photo-op in Niagara Falls this May 20th.

Doug Ford is the only leader with a real plan:

  • Rebuilding Ontario’s economy with good manufacturing jobs, more support for small business and a mining plan that will finally open up the Ring of Fire.
  • Working for workers by encouraging apprenticeships and opening up jobs in the skilled trades, allowing colleges to grant three-year degrees and increasing the minimum wage.
  • Building highways and infrastructure, including Highway 413, the Bradford Bypass while investing in the 401 East.
  • Keeping costs down by lowering gas taxes, getting rid of license plate stickers and removing unfair tolls on Highways 412 and 418.
  • Plan to stay open by hiring more nurses, doctors and personal support workers, allowing more seniors to stay in their own homes and producing more vaccines and critical supplies like PPE right here in Ontario.

Only Doug Ford will Get it Done.


Niagara Falls Mayor Jim diodati, to the right and behind Ontario PC leader Doug Ford during a hospital announcement in Niagara Falls this May 20th.

“With Niagara Falls and the region’s population growing faster than ever before, Doug Ford has proven he can get the important infrastructure projects that we need to grow our communities across the finish line. His government is continuously helping us behind the scenes on key projects like daily GO train service to Niagara and the South Niagara Hospital, which are game-changers for the future of our region. Our Premier is easy to work with, will ensure Niagara Falls gets to the next level and is the right person to get the job done!” – Jim Diodati. Mayor of Niagara Falls, Ontario

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One response to “Only Ontario  PCs Will Build the New South Niagara Hospital, Doug Ford Vows

  1. Linda McKellar

    Well he’s been in power for FOUR years and it still isn’t started let alone done.


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