Remembering the Buffalo, New York Victims Before a Predominantly Gun-Happy, White-Supremacist America Flushes Them Down the Memory Hole

A Brief Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted May 18th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

One day after U.S. President Joe Biden travelled to Buffalo, New York to pay homage to the 10 victims of a murderous, white-supremacist driven rampage this past Saturday, May 14th and five days after it happened, it already appears that cable news channels in the United States are moving away from covering this massacre.

U.S. President Joe Biden and his wife and First Lady Jill visit a makeshift memorial to the victims of a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York. “Hate will not win,” promised Biden. But in Trump’s America, it probably will.

That is not all that unusual. You can go back to the shooting slaughter of children at the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut a decade ago and all of the other mass shootings, they very quickly become little more than statistics in an America that prizes the right to purchase military-style assault weapons more than human lives.

But before the Buffalo massacre is left behind completely, there was a moving, tearful remembrance of the 10 victims on MSNBC’s program, The 11th Hour, by host Stephanie Ruhle this past May 16th that you can watch by clicking the screen below

Finally, so much for regularly travelling across the border to the American side.

Crossing a border bridge like this to an American side that has become the land of Trump, with all of the violence and knowing that many Americans have come to hate Canadians and other “aliens’, has become very unapplealing.

Members of my family and I in Niagara, Ontario have travelled to visit friends and favourite places in the U.S. for as many decades as I can remember. But in the wake of Trump, the level of violence and hate in that country has grown to a level where going there seems undesirable and dangerous.

In the days since the Buffalo mass shooting, I have talked to other Canadians who feel the same.

Too bad, yet it is doubtful that even scaring neighbours in Canada away will compel Americans to do anything about their culture of gun violence and racism.

With the Trump cult overtaking the country, that culture is only likely to grow like a cancer that continues to wreak havoc and kill.

Sad to watch what has become of what was once such a promising country.

  • Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

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2 responses to “Remembering the Buffalo, New York Victims Before a Predominantly Gun-Happy, White-Supremacist America Flushes Them Down the Memory Hole

  1. It is with great sadness and despair that I write how totally I agree with your message today. The mass shootings that are a daily occurrence in the US (at least 2 others occurred on the same day at this one in Buffalo) It will be a very long time before I enter the US again. Last fall, I watched all the late night episodes of “Charlemagne Tha God”. He often spoke about ways for racism to be conquered, but in his last episode, he suggested that all people of colour arm themselves. I understood why but was still upset at the thought of an outright race war in the US. With their democracy on the brink of collapse and their acts of outright domestic terrorism on the rise, the US is a great place to avoid. By the way, I’m not planning a trip to Afghanistan, Russia or the Ukraine anytime soon, either. Thanks for your many thoughtful insights.


  2. The minority violence is engendered by the NIMBY mentality of our elected leaders..but it extends to daily life for the solons…obviously so easy to just ‘ fluff’ all the strident and alarming commentary from constituents as well as the pundits…so they just turn off the news..rather than adjust the lifestyles of our citizens to the inequities, in our economic and legal systems. They are scared to stand up and be counted in favor of changes in our ‘ way of life’. This is just another wake up call not heeded by our government..which is controlled by those with priviledges. So learn your place, observe the rules and keep quiet or be seen as a troublemaker. Bitter Jaded expressions of life in a modern corrupted democracy.


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