Ford Government Forging Ahead with Privatizing Ontario’s Health Services

You Are Invited to a February 15th Online Summit To Help Stop Health Care Privatization

A Call-Out from the Ontario Health Coalition, a province-wide citizen advocacy group for quality, public health care

Posted February 10th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

Last week Doug Ford’s Health Minister (Christine Elliott) announced that she is bringing in *private hospitals*.

  • They are midstream in *privatizing 18,000 LTC beds* for the next 30-yrs.
  • They passed legislation to *privatize* the last remaining public parts of *home care*.
  • They are *privatizing vaccines and COVID-testing*, and more.
  • They are planning *billions of dollars in permanent cuts* to public services post-election…*

… if we don’t stop them.* 

It Stops *Now* EMERGENCY SUMMIT II Health Care Privatization & Cuts Launch the fight back for Long-Term Care, Hospitals, Home Care & more.

 Join us on *Tuesday, February 15 at 7pm* via Zoom to beat back privatization & austerity, and to force improvements in LTC, hospitals and home care.

Join us, get involved, organize your community and build a movement that cannot be ignored.

Register at:

Be part of the *IRON RING* around our *public* health care. We WILL make a difference and we WILL protect our most vulnerable if we all work together to make it huge.

We are proud of the difference we make and we hope you are too. This work is only made possible by people who care like you. Please do become a member or donate. It matters!

If you can, please CLICK HERE <> to donate or become a member.

  • Ontario Health Coalition

About the Ontario Health Coalition – The Ontario Health Coalition  represents more than 400 member organizations and a network of Local Health Coalitions and individual members. Our members include: seniors’ groups; patients’ organizations; unions; nurses and health professionals’ organizations; physicians and physician organizations that support the public health system; non-profit community agencies; student groups; ethnic and cultural organizations; residents’ and family councils; retirees; poverty and equality-seeking groups; women’s organizations, and others

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One response to “Ford Government Forging Ahead with Privatizing Ontario’s Health Services

  1. IMHO this is even bigger than just our Health Care being privatized, which began in the early 1990s after the adoption of the Free Trade Agreement, then NAFTA, and now USMCA. Our Health Care is being ‘harmonized’ with the U.S. system, indeed ‘Americanized’, and once that’s done there will be nothing left of Canada, nor preventing Canada’s annexation by the U.S., the same way Russia annexed Crimea a few years ago, and intends to annex Ukraine next.


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