Canada/US Border Communities Call for Scrapping Testing Requirement For Border Crossing

Test Targets Canadians and Americans that can least afford to travel

“Hockey stadiums are now open at 100 percent capacity but a fully vaccinated family of four faces an $800 testing bill just to drive over the border in their own car. This unscientific approach must end given that random testing over the past few months has demonstrated there is no risk to ending the pre-testing.”

A News Release from the Office of Buffalo, New York Area Democratic Congressman Brian Higgins, in concert with other officials form the United States and Canada

Posted November 8th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

The Peace Bridge crossing between Niagara, Ontario to Buffalo, New York. OThis November 8th, fully vaccinated Canadians can now cross after more than a year and a half of so-called “non-essential travelers being banned from crossing. But how many will, if they have to pay up to $300 for a COVID test?

OTTAWA, Ontario  – Today (this November 8th) , in a virtual press conference, four border city mayors – three Canadian and one American – along with New York District 26 Congressman Brian Higgins, and two voices of border businesses, celebrate the US opening of the land border, but call on the Canadian federal government to drop the unnecessary PCR test requirement for travellers crossing into Canada.

The border closure order was originally enacted 20 months ago and border communities, border residents and border businesses have paid the heavyiest price. With the border reopening, the border community leaders spoke passionately about the need to return to normal and the need to eliminate Canadian PCR tests that are unfair, expensive and not justified by science.

Beyond that, all the speakers were united in the message that the closure of the land border and expensive tests have been, and are a question of economic equity, while also acting as a continued barrier to recovery.

Key comments from the event are:

Buffalo/Niagara Falls, New York area Congressman Brian Higgins

Congressman Brian Higgins, NY-26 “For the last 19 months all of us have been admonished to follow the science. Science tells us that the vaccine is highly effective in keeping people from getting and giving COVID. Requiring a test is a redundant and costly requirement for those fully vaccinated and it presents an unnecessary obstacle to returning a pre-pandemic flow of people across the border which benefits the economies of both nations.”

Mayor Jim Diodati, Niagara Falls, ON “In Niagara Falls, we are like one City divided by international border. With vaccination rates among the highest in the world, it’s time to allow our families, friends and visitors who are fully vaccinated the ease of safe travel that we once enjoyed.”

Mayor Robert Restaino, Niagara Falls, NY “While everyone wants travelers to be safe and be mindful of public health standards, if our push for vaccination, on both sides of the border, means anything, then let’s respect and incentivize those who have responded to the call to be vaccinated and simplify the land border crossing to showing your full vaccine status…period.”

Mayor Michael Bradley, Sarnia, ON “Eliminating the testing to return to Canada by Canadians is a matter of fairness and doesn’t endanger public health in Canada according to experts. The Federal Government needs to do the right thing on the road back to recovery and normalcy and eliminate the testing.”

Mayor Drew Dilkens, Windsor, ON “Windsor and Detroit have tightly connected supply chains on the business side, as the Automotive capital of Canada. There are literally hundreds of thousands of Canadian and American jobs that rely on smooth and efficient access to either country to help keep our economies rolling. The tightly-knit nature of our business supply chains also means that close family relationships are built on both sides of the border. Families that have been separated for 20 months during all major life events – events of celebration and events of mourning. Now there is a pathway to cross the land border, but that pathway is limited by an unreasonable and costly requirement for a PCR test to return to Canada.”

Susie Grynol, President and CEO, Hotel Association of Canada “I hear it every day from my members: this PCR test is blocking travel. Whether you are trying to visit family, or planning your Christmas holiday, or travelling for business, or a global account looking to book an international event, many are taking a pass on Canada because the process is too complicated and expensive.”

If you are an American or if you are a Canadian, crossing back to Canada, Ottawa’s government not only demands proof of vaccination, but a COVID-19 test that can cost hundreds of dollars per person.

Eliminate the expensive PCR test for fully vaccinated Americans crossing the land border Fully vaccinated is fully vaccinated. Forcing fully vaccinated Americans to get tested before crossing the border makes no scientific sense.

Hockey stadiums are now open at 100 percent capacity but a fully vaccinated family of four faces an $800 testing bill just to drive over the border in their own car. This unscientific approach must end given that random testing over the past few months has demonstrated there is no risk to ending the pre-testing.

To watch  the virtual news conference: Press Conference: Canada/US border communities call for the elimination of PCR Test Requirement, click on –<<;!!Bg5easoyC-OII2vlEqY8mTBrtW-N4OJKAQ!Z6tcOYgJ-J4jJsj5lj3m0jPFloHXcI51Gmhr1yKvqNXtdvdgd3LE4zzZotRdkytBiGZKlw15vA$>

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