Yet Another Reason – If You Need One – Not to Vote Conservative in Canada

If You Care About the Future of the Planet, Tories Erin O’Toole, Doug Ford & Company Should Be in Your No-Vote Zone

A Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted January 18th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

If you care a about protecting our environment, nothing could be worse for Canada than continuing on with Doug Ford (left) as premier in Ontario, and possibly having federal Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole in the Prime Minister’s office.

As if anyone who cares about environmental protection needs another reminder why to not every vote for a Conservative Party candidate in Canada – federal or provincial – here is another one.

This January 17th – on the cusp of the United States inaugurating a president who actually takes the climate crisis our planet faces seriously – Canada’s federal Conservative Party leader, Erin O’Toole, releases a statement expressing concern over incoming President Joe Biden’s promise to cancel plans to build the infamous Keystone XL pipeline between Alberta’s tar sands and oil refineries deep down in Texas.

“I call on (Canada’s) Prime Minister (Liberal Justin Trudeau) to immediately reach out to the incoming U.S. administration to stop this (cancellation of the tar sands pipeline) from happening,” insisted O’Toole in his statement.

More confirmation – and certainly not surprisingly – that we have yet another Conservative Party leader in Canada, following former federal Tory prime minister Stephen Harper, and the current premiers of Ontario and Alberta (Doug Ford and Jason Kenney, respectively) who would rather go on treating our earth’s planet like a dumpster for carbon pollution – even while scientists around the world are warning that we are rapidly reaching the point of no return in addressing a life-or-death climate catastrophe.

Oh Canada, let’s not go on like this

Of course for O’Toole, like Harper, Ford and others of their Tory-ilk, keeping the tar sands industry going is all about saving jobs in a fossil-fuel economy. But how long will those jobs last in a world that is otherwise making the transition to other, more renewable, carbon-free forms of energy?

Even oil-rich Saudi Arabia and even China are working to become leaders in solar, wind and other 21st century sources of energy.

It was former U.S. Barrack Obama who once said that those countries that lead the way in developing greener sources of energy will dominate the 21st century.

Yet here in Canada, we have Conservative Parties federally and provincially who want to hook their drag lines to tar-based oil, like Trump in the U.S. insisted on oil-drilling in an already climate-ravaged Arctic and on burning more dirty coal.

Hello Mr. O’Toole, why don’t we invest time and money in bringing back eight-track tapes and FAX machines while we are at it?

Here in Ontario, we have already witnessed more than two years of a Conservative Ford government preferring to de-construct decades of environmental protection programs rather than build an economy that is more healthy and sustainable for the century we are now living in.

It is bad enough that the current federal Liberal government of Justin Trudeau invested billions of dollars of our money in the Trans-Mountain pipeline – another pipe for tar – although he now appears to be showing some regrets there.

The last thing we need is another Conservative government in Ottawa that pulls us even further back to a past that has already had a catastrophic impact on all that keeps us alive and healthy on this planet.

Canada’s Conservatives have proven over and over again that they have no imagination or vision, and no will to build an economy in our country that is healthy and sustainable for all in the 21st century.

Now here is that statement released this January 17th by Canada’s Conservative leader, Erin O’Toole –

Canada’s Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole, sporting 19th century cowboy garb and peddling 20th century energy enterprises that threaten to leave our country’s economy in the dust.

Ottawa, Ontario — The Hon. Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition, today released the following statement addressing reports that President-elect Joe Biden will cancel the Keystone XL pipeline extension:

“If true, this move will devastate thousands of Canadian families who have already been badly hurt by the economic crisis. We need a recovery for all Canadians, in every part of Canada, in every sector – including energy. Keystone XL is a project of national significance that supports countless workers on both sides of the border.

“At a time when both countries need to focus on job creation, and strengthened bilateral relations, I call on the Prime Minister to immediately reach out to the incoming U.S. administration to stop this from happening and stand up for working Canadians across Canada. I also call upon the incoming U.S. administration to meet with our Prime Minister and affected workers prior to making this decision.”

A Footnote from Doug Draper at Niagara At Large – 

Here is one Canadian who hopes that incoming U.S. President Joe Biden follows through as soon as possible with his pledge to kill the Keystone XL pipeline, once and for all, and to commit as many resources as possible to addressing the climate emergency our planet is facing today.

Here is also hoping that our leaders in Canada join the U.S. Biden administration in working together on building job-rich economies that are healthier and more prosperous for our generation and for generations to come in this 21st century.

Go for it Joe!

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One response to “Yet Another Reason – If You Need One – Not to Vote Conservative in Canada

  1. Robert Milenkoff

    The XL pipeline is only the tip of the iceberg in the conservative government of Alberta when it comes to global warming. Last spring a policy was quietly revoked to do with coal mining by energy minister Sonya Savage with no consultation. It was done on the Friday of the May long weekend during the height of Covid 19 through an information letter on their website. SOUND FAMILIAR; a move right out of Premier Ford’s playbook. There are currently at least nine interveners who are requesting a judicial review of the provinces decision to rescind a coal mining policy which has been in place for almost 45 years. If the Alberta government follows through with their plan you will see open pit coal mining begin in the foothills and the eastern slopes of the rocky mountains in the near future.


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