Niagara Health CEO “Sorry” He Vacationed in Southern Climes While Rest of Us Told to Sacrifice During DOVID Lockdown

Dr. Tom Stewart Resigns From Ontario Health Advisories on COVID-19.

Should Stewart Resign from CEO Job at Niagara’s Amalgamated System of Hospitals Too?

Dr. Tom Stewart, CEO of Niagara, Ontario’s amalgamated system of hospitals, takes a vacation to the southern islands while the rest of us sacrifice and suffer.

“I regret this non-essential travel and I’m sorry. Everyone should be avoiding non-essential travel now, including me.” 

Dr. Tom Stewart, CEO of Niagara’s amalgamated system of hospitals, in a statement he released after he got caught taking a recent vacation to the Dominican Republic, while the rest of us in Niagara and all of Ontario were urged by health professionals to stay home.

A Brief News Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted January 6th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

If those in positions of public leadership wonder why so many members of the public hold them in contempt or such little regard, here is one of the more recent and all-to-many reasons why.

This irresponsible character makes big money running Niagara Health, the region’s amalgamated system of hospitals

This time the example is of a medical doctor and one who is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by Ontario taxpayers – this one is Dr. Tom Stewart who is CEO of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton and of Niagara Health’s amalgamated system of hospitals in our Niagara, Ontario region – taking a recent vacation to the sunny beaches of the Dominican Republic while the rest of us were encouraged to stay home during this second deadly wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Stewart, along with the now former Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips and others, is but the latest elitist in a high-end public position to get caught going on a vacation down south while the rest of us were not only told to stay home, but to sacrifice spending time this Holiday Season with our beloved relatives and friends if they do not already live under our roof.

Why obey the COVID rules and sacrifice like the rest of us when you can have fun in the sun down here?

In this case, here is a medical doctor, now making tonnes of public money working as a CEO for hospitals where staff is working night a day, and risking their lives while they are doing it, working to save the lives of patients infected with this killer virus.

Never mind that he resigned from provincial COVID advisory boards. He should resign his position as CEO of these vital hospital institutions.

Sometimes saying you are “sorry” – in this case after you were caught in your beach trunks – is not enough.

Dr. Steward please step aside and leave the CEO job for our hospitals to someone who shows more responsibility as a leader during a time of health emergency for our region and the world.

As a medical doctor and someone entrusted to run our health care services, you, of all people, should know better.

How troubling that when you took off on this vacation – while over-worked health care professions sin the hospitals you are responsible for – soldiered on.

Shame On You Sir, and Get The Hell Out!

  • Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

I will now leave you to read stories on this from the CBC and St. Catharines Standard.

To read the CBC story, click on .

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To read a recent commentary Niagara At Large posted on Ontario’s now former Finance Minster Rod Phillips resigning after being caught on Carribean vacation, click on .

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2 responses to “Niagara Health CEO “Sorry” He Vacationed in Southern Climes While Rest of Us Told to Sacrifice During DOVID Lockdown

  1. Amazing how many of these officials can afford to take exotic vacations and decide to take them, while so many struggle trying to just ‘get by’ day to day. While front-line workers carry the burden.

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  2. This is not the first time that Dr. Stewart has shown poor judgement. He had to leave Mt. Sinai hospital in 2013 ( Toronto Star Feb. 28, 2013) because of a scandal he was involved in with ORNGE. He had a consulting contract with ORNGE and was paid over a period of time $ 436,000. In return the owner of ORNGE, Chris Mazza had a consulting contract with Mt. Sinai and was paid $256,000 – There was no proof that Mazza had done some of the work . Stewart was instrumental in getting him this contract. A big scandal in ORNGE revealed Stewart’s sideline job and conflict.
    He was very lucky that Kevin Smith hired him as Chief of Staff for the Niagara Health System.
    This time, he showed and is showing a lack of leadership at a time when those on the front lines are forgoing vacations, working overtime, working in extremely difficult situations as the hospitals are operating at over 100 percent capacity and putting themselves at risk of getting COVID each day they are working.
    Taking off for sunny climes for a vacation during a pandemic – never mind your staff, never mind the 12 outbreaks in long term care homes and the two homes that the Niagara Health System now have management agreements with. Hamilton has some of the worse case scenarios .
    Who’s minding the store? Not Stewart. So does the NHS really need this figurehead?
    Furthermore, has he fought or worked out a way that hospital health care workers can get paid sick days if they catch COVID at work?
    Three examples from my perspective show Dr. Stewart’s poor judgement.

    It is time for the Board of Directors of the Niagara Health System under the leadership of chair Bunny Alexander to review their management agreement with St. Joseph’s Health Science and the contract they have with Dr. Stewart. Many members of the present Board know that Kevin Smith used this agreement to enable him to grow his sphere of influence and to get a better job. He devised this when he took over the management of the NHS at the request of the province. It was an ideal position _ select the first board, train those board members- push his vision and voila NHS and St. Joe’s have the same President – Kevin Smith>
    This is the opportunity for the NHS to get rid of the agreement and to select a President reflecting the values of Niagarans and who will work together with and value his/her staff.

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