Four-Legged, Furry Friends Have Helped Get Us Through These Tough Times

Let’s All Pledge to be Just as Good to Them

A Brief Comment from Niagara At Large publisher Doug Draper

Posted January 2nd, 2021 on Niagara At Large

The late American actress and animal welfare activist Doris Day was once quoted saying the following –

“I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source.”

I would say that the same is true of cats, for those of us who have been fortunate enough to invite cats into our homes and let them adopt us.

From what I have been reading and hearing on the news, record numbers of dogs and cats have been adopted across North America this year by people longing for the special kind of companionship they can provide during a time when we are staying mostly at home during this pandemic.

Our late friends in the Draper home, Dylan (left) and Dexter, gone for more than a year now and oh how we miss them, or “the boys” as we called them. Fortunately, we have a dynamic female feline in our home now named Alice, who has certainly been a comfort to us during these times, even when she starts wakihng us up at five or six in the morning for her breakfast. Photo by Doug Draper

One can only hope that as we begin to put the pandemic behind us and people get back to work and other activities outside of our homes, that these furry friends continue to receive the care and companionship from us that they so rightly deserve – especially after all of the comfort they are giving us now.

I don’t make a practice of posting what some might call “cute pet videos” on Niagara At Large, but I received a good number of them over the past eight or nine months from people who found them comforting during these dark and stressful times.

The smiling puppy

One of them that that particularly warmed my heart was posted on a Facebook page by a friend of mine in Massachusetts who shared it with me. It is video of a couple somewhere in North America who adopted a little puppy they discovered in a shelter with what looked like a great big smile on her face.

So before the Holiday Season is completely behind us and Niagara At Large starts getting back into some of the more hot and heavy issues impacting on our lives and communities, I thought I would share it with you in the hope that it also brings a few moments of joy into your home.

To watch it, click on the screen immediately below –

Hope you enjoyed this little video as much as my family has at a time when we need a break every now and then from all of the mad, bad and ugly news in the world.

As I said, Niagara At Large will be getting back to some of the heavier issues we have to address as communities in the days ahead.

Stay Tuned.

  • And Stay Safe and Strong, Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

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2 responses to “Four-Legged, Furry Friends Have Helped Get Us Through These Tough Times

  1. We own a Giant Decker Terrier *A terrier with long legs, super speed and an untiring prey drive. He’s 11 years old now and showing his age *as am I”
    A wonderful companion, great mouser and the beauty of an animal.


  2. just hoping that the same folks who wanted the companionship of animals during the worst of the pandemic, will continue to enjoy their company when things return to a more normal pattern (if in fact that ever happens). I long for a day when there are no need for animal shelters or rescues and that every animal taken in to a home is there for a life time!


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