Ontario Premier Doug Ford Declares Santa Claus an ‘Essential Service’

Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Why Isn’t Ford Also Declaring What Are Left of Our Woodlands, Our Wetlands, Our Watersheds, Our Endangered Plants and Animals, and our Conservation Authorities in Ontario “Essential” to the Health of Our Environment and our Children’s Future?

A Brief Holiday Season Message from Ontario Premier Doug Ford, with a Brief Foreword Note from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted December 24th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

A Foreword from Doug Draper at NAL –

So now we have Ontario’s premier, Doug Ford, declaring Santa Claus an “essential service” for all of the children out there.

It seems like a cute enough little message on the surface, and I am sure that some out there would say to me; ‘Hey, why not just loosen up on this guy during the Holiday Season, and let the message stand on its own?”

Sorry, but I have a hard time doing that with a premier who is coming on like he has our children at heart with this Santa declaration, even while he and his government continue to wipe out the environmental measures generations of Ontarians fought for – measures that are we should be building on, and not destroying, for the health and welfare of our children’s future.

From slashing funding for planting trees and watershed protection and restoration, to significantly weakening rules for protecting endangered species and green places, to more recently moving to gut our Conservation Authorities, and their capacity to deal with flooding or rule on development proposals that may have a negative impact on vital environmental features in our Great Lakes basin, Ford and his government have done more compromise a healthy, sustainable future for our children than any gifts from Santa can make up for.

So never mind Santa Claus. What we have with Ford and his government is a Grim Reaper leaving coal in our children’s stockings.

More on the shredding Ford and company are doing to our environmental programs on behalf of rural land owners and speculators, and the worst of the worst in the development industry later. Stay Tuned!

  • Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

Now Here is the Ontario Premier’s Declaration of Santa Clause as an ‘Essential Worker –  

“I (Premier Doug Ford) would like to thank Santa Claus, the elves, reindeer and all of Ontario’s essential workers this holiday season.

From nurses to construction workers, personal care workers to grocery store clerks and so many other essential workers, we are grateful for the hard work you have done all year long.  

From my family to yours, I want to wish everyone a healthy and safe Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season!”

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One response to “Ontario Premier Doug Ford Declares Santa Claus an ‘Essential Service’

  1. Robert Milenkoff

    You mention in your article Doug that the Ford government is like the grim reaper leaving coal in all of the children’s stockings. When talking about the Ford government in the future I think we should all be leery about using the word coal. We do not want to give him or any of his cronies any ideas about sneaking coal fired power plants back into Ontario’s grid in his next budget. Bill 229 Schedule 6 is a perfect example of what that regime can do. MERRY CHRISTMAS


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