Trump Is U.S. History’s Biggest Loser

“For the next two months (though), this Biggest Loser will hold us all hostage. …His virus will kill countless thousands. His greed will further ravage an already devastated economy. His racism will more deeply poison our national spirit. His madness will pillage our mother Earth. His complete lack of morality, compassion, and empathy will forever cheapen our national spirit. His utter depravity will threaten us all with eco-nuclear extinction.”

By Harvey Wasserman, Reader Supported News

Posted November 15th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

It’s over!!!

( … except for the next two months of residual rape and pillage.)

Donald Trump will not be re-inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

This could not have been said with certainty mere days ago. Our nation and the world have rightfully taken to dancing in the streets. We have dethroned a dictator for all to see.

For the rest of human history, the overthrow of Donald Trump can serve as a shining example of an angry public successfully disposing of a despicable tyrant.

This exquisite human triumph was not a certainty. (Even now there may be some reasons to doubt it.)

But Trump had numerous plausible legal and political routes to another term. Our nation and our species will not survive another criminal psychopath puked up by a corrupt, obsolete electoral relic.

How much more will he and his family take for themselves on the way out?

So over the next four years, America’s grassroots Election Protection movement must forever eradicate such travesties as stripped registration rolls, sabotaged voting by mail, black box touchscreens, rigged vote counters, gerrymandering, the Electoral College, and more.

Meanwhile, we face two months of abject terror. Trump won’t leave his position of power and privilege without grifting out every possible ounce of personal profit at public expense.

The sheets, towels, and silverware will all disappear from the White House, along with precious furniture, various national treasures, and every re-sellable artifact Trump’s mobster famiglia can grab.

Expect them to pee on every couch and carpet as they exit in signature arrogance and entitlement.

Pardons and tee fees aside, Trump will run out his remnant regime-clock trashing every official shred of environmental protection, financial regulation, social justice, human kindness, and judicial tolerance he somehow missed.

Above all, he’ll let his viral epidemic kill another 200,000 of us while driving our economy to utter collapse. No cure will emerge until Trump arranges his personal cut.

And, of course, his unsteady hand is still on the nuclear button (why don’t we get rid of that thing altogether!!).

Biden’s 306 electoral votes exactly match Trump’s total from 2016 (when he called it a “massive landslide.”)

This garb is selling like hot cakes in Trump Nation

But Biden won 2020 by some 5 million popular votes, versus Trump’s 2016 loss by nearly 3 million. An 8 million popular vote differential yielding identical Electoral College vote counts screams of the need to abolish the Electoral College.

Trump’s obvious plan to win 6-3 or 5-4 at the Supreme Court has fallen to his losing too many states to credibly challenge. With a tighter popular margin, he might’ve overthrown just Pennsylvania’s vote count and maybe one more and gotten the Supremes to give him another term, a la Bush v. Gore.

But negating the popular balloting in the three or four states he’d need to get to 270 electoral votes is beyond his pale now, especially with a powerful wing of conservative “Never Trumpers” demanding his departure.

Trump could still try a military coup. He could order the Defense Department and his cultist militias to take violent control. It would be foolhardy at this point to totally dismiss that possibility.

For a less abrasive fascist, that route to totalitarian control might appear an easy one.

But the Donald has done a spectacular job of alienating even much of the armed forces. His civilian paramilitary followers might well do some damage. He did get 70-plus million votes.

But the 75 million Americans who voted against him include the tens of millions who marched for George Floyd. The public abhorrence of all things Trump is broad and deep. A general strike, saturation marches, a relentless forever resistance are all within the grassroots democratic arsenal.

In a face-to-face confrontation with a hugely hated terrorist tyrant, we are prepared to win.

And Trump will become American history’s Biggest Loser.

Twenty-one incumbent US presidents have won re-election. Trump becomes the tenth to be ousted (elected in 1884, Grover Cleveland lost in 1888, then won again in 1892). No other president has been forced from office amidst both an economic collapse and a viral pandemic.

Uniquely to his time, in the midst of the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon faced federal prison when he fled the White House in 1974. Unlike Tricky Dick, Trump faces financial ruin. A pardon might spare him (like Nixon) from federal prosecutions. But not from civil and criminal charges awaiting him in New York and other states.

Serious jail time might come at him from fraud, tax fraud, money laundering, petty larceny, grand theft, libel, perjury, alleged sexual impositions involving some two dozen women, and accusations of outright rape from at least one (where a definitive judgment awaits a DNA sample).

Trump could thus become the first ex-president to go to prison. He might fight extradition from Florida … or from Russia or Saudi Arabia.

But no other president has plopped into a lethal swamp like the one awaiting the Donald. Thus his fight to stay in the White House (and out of the Big House) is both demented and desperate.

But he’s failed in too many states to get a credible Supreme Court lifeline. And he’s alienated too many potential conservative and military supporters – along with tens of millions of vigilant mainstream progressive and nonviolent Americans – to make a coup do-able.

For the next two months, this Biggest Loser will hold us all hostage. His virus will kill countless thousands. His greed will further ravage an already devastated economy. His racism will more deeply poison our national spirit. His madness will pillage our mother Earth. His complete lack of morality, compassion, and empathy will forever cheapen our national spirit. His utter depravity will threaten us all with eco-nuclear extinction.

If we somehow get through it, our children, grandchildren, and theirs will forever know him as America’s “Biggest Loser.”

And all that pain he’s inflicted on people and the planet will precisely torture his pathetic, shriveled soul until, at some point in the very distant future, redemption may come … along with a joyous snowball fight in Hell.

Harvey Wasserman co-convenes the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition at .

A free pdf of his People’s Spiral of US History is available through

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2 responses to “Trump Is U.S. History’s Biggest Loser

  1. Gary Screaton Page

    America’s ‘ship of state’ is in trouble. It has strayed from the visionary course set by its founding fathers at the American Constitutional Convention in 1787. Donald Trump is only the tip of the iceberg, which is 47.3% of the American public, threatening to sink the nation. He is undoubtedly the most visible and imposing part. However, he is a shallow person kept afloat by his enablers. The Republicans have the power to stop his destructiveness but are unwilling to do so. They appear both fearful and entranced by him.
    What Jared Kushner bragged about as the “hostile takeover” of the GOP by Donald Trump appears to have made it into a cult. Trump’s unwillingness to accept that he and Pence lost the election to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris by a significant margin suggests that the President was losing touch with reality. Yet his party continues to support him. Many Republicans actively promote the unsubstantiated conspiracy myth that the Democrats stole the election.
    Donald Trump continues his increasingly pathological behavior because of the support he gets from the GOP, the media, and the rest of his enablers. Since the 2020 election, Trump continues to be a clear and present danger to the world. However, it is not just he, but all that keeps him afloat and visible, presenting a continuing threat to America’s future. While Trump tops the iceberg in danger of sinking the American ship of state, those below the surface, the largest and most dangerous part of the American iceberg, who are keeping him in the White House, are the real danger. They are making America meaner!


  2. Gary Screaton Page

    I am surprised Trump hasn’t suggesting attacking Canada as we are so close and won the War of 1812. Oh! That would be too much like Hitler attacking Poland. But, it just might cross Trump’s mind. Is the Mad Hatter in the White House?


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