Ford Tories Moving To Shield Ontario’s Private Long-Term Care Home Operators from Liability

Ontario Health Coalition Calls for Probe  Into Ford Government’s Alleged Financial Ties With For Profit Long-Term Care Industry

A News Release from the Ontario Health Coalition, a province-wide citizens advocacy group for quality public health care

Posted November 16th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

One last urgent push to try to stop Bill 218 that indemnifies for-profit LTC from liability for negligence in COVID-19

The Ontario Ford government’s Bill 218, which makes it more difficult to sue for-profit long-term care and retirement homes, is scheduled for Third (and final) Reading in the Legislature on Tuesday but late Friday we were advised that the matter may come on for a vote as early as Monday afternoon.

We are launching a complaint to the Integrity Commissioner to look into conflicts of interest between government MPPs who have received donations from the long-term care industry.

We are also asking that the Commissioner investigate an array of Ministers, the Premier and high-profile decision makers and advisors in the Ford government and their ties to the for-profit industry and their role in pushing this legislation that makes it harder for families who have lost loved ones to sue the long-term care homes owners.

Watch A CBC Report on the November 15th, 2020 edition of The National on the pandemic crisis inside long-term care homes, including allegations raised by the Ontario Health Coalition that the province’s Ford Government has been receiving political donations from operators of for-profit homes the government is now moving to shield from any legal actions that may be targeted at them.

To watch the clip, click on the screen immediately below –

 You can help. MPPs need to hear from thousands of Ontarians about this urgently.

Below, there are links to email Ontario’s MPPs. Click on a link and write a paragraph stating why you personally feel Bill 218 should not include long-term care homes and/or use any or all of the comments above. Please feel free to include your own personal stories and experiences to help emphasize your point if you so choose.

This is *super urgent* and if you can do it as soon as possible, it would help. Thank you very much to all of you who have already contacted your MPP.

You can use these links to contact the other MPPs also with your message.

Click here to email the Progressive Conservative Cabinet Ministers about Bill 218  –<;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;>

Click here to email the remaining Progressive Conservative Members about Bill 218  <;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;%20?subject=BILL%20218>

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