Trump’s Lies Are Costing American Lives

Brian Higgins, U.S. Congressman (Democrat) for the Buffalo, New York area

Buffalo, New York Area Congressman Responds to Tapes Proving Trump Knew of the Dangers of the COVID-19 Pandemic As Far Back as Last January and February

A Statement by Democratic Congressman Brian Higgins, representing Buffalo and other communities in neighbouring New York State

Posted September 10th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

A Statement by Congressman Brian Higgins In Response to President Trump’s Recorded Comments About COVID-19

“As COVID-19 began its assault on Americans’ lives, President Trump knew of its severity. He secretly stated as much to (veteran Washington Post journalist) Bob Woodward.

“But publicly the President downplayed the very dangers he knew Americans faced.

The book ‘Rage’, scheduled for wide release this September 15th, was written by veteran American journalist Bob Woodward, of Watergate fame. The book is expected to contain many more bombshells about a rogue president and administration, completely out of control

“While his Administration stonewalls Congressional oversight, the President seems free to conduct many interviews that totally contradict things he tells the American public and reveal how little regard he has for the impact his job has on the lives of those he was elected to serve. Put simply: the President lies. With impunity. And these lies are costing American lives.

“Nearly 4 years along, we’ve come to expect this type of egregious behavior from this chaotic and unprepared President – but we cannot willingly accept it. We must demand better. The President lied and because of it Americans died – 190,478 people and counting, gone forever.”

  • Statement by Congressman Brian Higgins

To watch a recent Global TV News report on this issue, featuring moments from Bob Woodward’s tape interviews with Trump, click on the screen immediately below –

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