Support A Nation-Wide Campaign for Progressive Tax Reform in Canada


A Call-Out from Canadians for Tax Fairness, a cross-country public advocacy group

Posted July 16th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

The cost of protecting Canadians in this pandemic has pushed the federal deficit to $343 billion. While this debt is manageable for now, conservatives and right-wing lobbyists are using the number to push for cuts to public spending and austerity.

Cutting social supports that Canadians need is bad policy in normal times. During a pandemic, it would be disastrous.

Now is the time for governments to maintain and improve social supports and public services including childcare, pharmacare and elder care, to fight climate change, and rebuild a more sustainable, resilient, and fairer economy coming out of the crisis.

From day one in lock-down, we’ve been hard at work showing how progressive taxes can help pay for the fight against COVID-19, patch the holes in our social safety net that the pandemic has exposed, and help fund our recovery. We are busy working on research, reports, media outreach, and other projects to strengthen our case.

From introducing a wealth tax on the richest Canadians, which could generate over $10 billion a year, to closing billion-dollar tax loopholes for large corporations, and tackling tax havens, we’re showing how numerous reforms could raise revenues while reducing inequality at the same time.

But we’re up against much wealthier and powerful opponents. They want to keep wealth increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few, to have large corporations accumulate more power, and to weaken the rest of us through regressive tax measures and cuts to public services. We can’t let that happen.

With a minority parliament in power and a rising public desire for change, we now have an historic opportunity to influence real progressive tax reform in Canada. Please help support our work by donating what you can [1]–and help spread our progressive message of hope for our future.

  • Thank you, Toby Sanger, director, Canadians for Tax Fairness

About Us – Canadians for Tax Fairness advocates for fair and progressive tax policies aimed at building a strong and sustainable economy, reducing inequalities and funding quality public services.

Our vision is a country where taxation is regarded as a way to invest in Canada and Canadians. We believe in a progressive tax system where all individuals and corporations pay their fair share.

We believe that Canada in the 21st century should be a society in which economic disparities are decreasing, basic needs are met by investing in high-quality public services, economic policies are designed to create good quality jobs and protect our environment, and the will of the people drives our political process.

To find out how you can Suuport Canadians for Tax Fairness and their advocacy work, click on –

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