For All the Political Junkies Out There – Here is a Five-Star Ad for our Post-Apocalyptic Times

This One Goes Down As NAL’s Best Political Attack Ad of the Week (not that we routinely do political attack ads of the week.)

A Brief Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted May 23rd, 2020 on Niagara At Large

The political ad I am featuring here may not be Canadian content in the sense that it eviscerates a character holding elected office in Trump’s America.

Yet, it is an ad that we Canadians in the middle to left side of the political ledger – the more progressive among us, if you will – should learn from for future elections because small-l liberals, lefties and progressives have had a history of being far too nice in the face of bullies and attack dogs on the right.

We prefer to fight elections by offering up detailed plans and  policies, and then look as though we have are genuinely caught off base when the right wing creeps on the other side, verbally punch is so hard,  we crumble to the ground, sitting on our better intentions.

I am not saying for a moment that liberals and progressives not continue putting out intelligent, forward-thinking policy plans, but it is also way past time that we fight back against the bullies that are out there.

Our hero Ralphie finally lays a beating on bully Scut Farkus in the classic holiday season film ‘A Christmas Story’. Know how much bullying Scut Farkus did after this scene? That’s right. None. Remember it, my liberal and progressive-minded friends.

As has been proven in the real world, time and time again, and I witnessed it repeatedly during my grade school days, the only real way to stop the schoolyard bully is to sock him right in the nose. (Remember when our hero Ralphie finally did it to his tormentor in the classic holiday movie ‘A Christmas Story’?)

I know that an awful lot of liberals and lefties liked it (and I did too) when former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama stood up at a political convention and said; “When they go low, we go high.”

I’m not saying we shouldn’t still go high. We have to or we lose our heart and soul, but I think we can walk and chew gum at the same time.

So when there is a creep or a bully out there, let us resolve to give them the hard verbal shot in the nose that they deserve. Or kick lower if we have to.

Going back to the schoolyard for a moment, I bear witness to the fact that when it comes to some bullies, a good hard kick in the crotch goes further than a warning from teachers, a trip to the principal’s office or a knock on the door of the bully’s home from a police officer.

James Carville certainly made a name for himself for the line that he coined above. I will also always remember him for saying – “When your opponent is down, keep kicking.” When ti comes to some bullies, that is what you have to do.

In fact, I remember a police officer once saying; “I shouldn’t say this, but sometimes the only thing that works with a person like that is to take them out and …. (well, you can fill in the rest of the sentence.)

Unfortunately, that police officer was right. It did end up taking a good swift kick in a place where it can really hurt to get some bullies to stop terrorizing others.

I have long felt this way with political bullies as I have watched warm and fuzzy liberals, going back as far as former U.S. president Jimmy Carter getting kicked around by right-wing thugs south of the border, to some of our nicer politicians being used as punching bags, on the Canadians side of the border, including right here in Niagara.

This illustration of U.S. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham shamelessly scooping up the poop behind a party elephant with Trump’s head on it appeared in Rolling Stone magazine last January

So yes to Michelle Obama’s call to go high, but I also say yes to an old line by a former senior campaigner for Bill Clinton named James Carville that goes something like this; ‘When you opponent is down, keep on kicking.’

So here is the ad, recently launched by what in America is called a Super Pac group of political funders, against Lindsey Graham, a veteran Senator from South Carolina, who has turned out to be so grovelling at the boots of Trump for his own political survival, he has placed his own interests completely ahead of those of his country.

To watch it, click on the screen below –

In my view, this ad should  be a model for liberals and progressives everywhere on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border on what to do with creeps and bullies on the extreme right side of the political ledger.

If a nice kid like Ralphie can lay a beating on a bully, so can we.

In Ontario and in this Niagara region, we have provincial and municipal elections coming up in the next couple of years, and we some characters still holding political office, who like to bully and censure others, and who are there for moneyed interests over the greater good of the people, and who are promoting projects harmful to our environment, who are worthy of some of this hard-hitting treatment.

I know we liberal and lefty types like to play nice, but there are times when the only answer is to hit the bully so hard, they are left laying flat on their ass.

W.e must still always strive to go high. But if we want to rid the playing field of bullies, we must also always need to know when it is time to take an unforgiving swing at those who are too mean and ugly to deal with any other way.

NIAGARA AT LARGE encourages you to join the conversation by sharing your views on this post in the space following the Bernie Sanders quote below.

 “A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders



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