Thorold Garden Club Cancels Upcoming Meeting in Wake of Coronavirus Outbreak

“I am asking for your support as we cancel our garden club meeting Wednesday, March 18th. We will show the movie The Gardener as soon as it is safe to congregate – again.”                      – Leslie Daniels, Thorold Garden Club in Niagara, Ontario

A Message from Thorold Garden Club President Leslie Daniels

Posted March 17th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

In Italy “there is no more time”…

In Canada we are taking steps, but there are also those who think we are over-reacting and that the Coronavirus is “only a flu” and only the elderly, or those with compromised health need worry.

Not so. If we continue with our normal daily lives this virus will continue to spread throughout our population. Carriers with no symptoms will bring it home, leave it on buses, in stores and other places people gather and it will spread – fast and effectively.

Eventually, like in Italy our health care system will be inundated with those requiring lifesaving intervention and hospital treatment. What happens when the numbers of contagion do not go down?

The growth rate tells us from experience that it will multiply the numbers of people who, at the least, needing care they will end up over taxing our health care system until it fails and there are no beds, staff or ICU places left?

The only way to combat this at all is to remove the hosts the virus needs to live: That is US – people…  It cannot spread without us.

So what does that mean?

That means STOP going to meetings, work, recreational activities. Take precautions, wash your hands frequently and keep your hands away from your face. If you possibly can stay home – nothing is so important that it cannot wait.

However, by missing a few gatherings, taking yourself out of potential for exposure can help to stem the rapidly increased numbers of hosts exposed and passing this on to other friends and family. Might save a death from pneumonia for someone as well.

Think of Italy, their time ran out – we still have a little leeway. No need to panic, but we should use it wisely.

Because of this I am asking for your support as we cancel our garden club meeting Wednesday, March 18th. We will show the movie The Gardener as soon as it is safe to congregate – again.

For those who may have a Smart TV they can sign up for $2.99/mo. to the app Curiosity Stream and watch it there as well as many other fantastic documentaries.

Till then, Happy St. Patrick’s Day and stay safe. (Fingers crossed we will be able to hold our meeting in April!)

 – Leslie Daniels, President , Thorold Garden Club,

91 Years and Still Growing Strong!

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