Canada Should Say ‘No’ to Any Involvement in Trump’s War Ventures

‘Why would Donald Trump want Canada to come to his side? After all, he called us a “national security threat” as an excuse to put tariffs on our goods, something that cost thousands of jobs.’

A Comment by Linda McKellar, Fort Erie, Ontario, with a Brief Foreword by Niagara At Large  reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted January 6th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

A Foreword by Doug Draper –

One of the wisest decisions that former Canadian prime minister Jean Chretien made during his 10 years in the office from 1993 to 2003 was not to join U.S. Bush-Cheney administration’s so-called “coalition of the willing” in a 2003 invasion of Iraq for a war that dragged on for years and cost thousnds of young Americans and countless thousands of Iraqis, including untold numbers of civilians, their lives.

Baghdad, Iraq lights up with thundering explosions as the Bush-Cheney administration launches its invasion of Iraq in March of 2003. One Iraqi woman told a British newspaper at the time that during the bombing; “My family would gather in one room, waiting for death.”

Everyone but a hopeless few, including major American media outlets that functioned like p.r. flaks for the Pentagon in the lead-up to that war, later admitted that the war was a costly mistake – based on false or fabricated information – that all sides are continuing to pay a heavy price for until this day.

So in all due respect to our friends and neighbours south of the Canada/U.S. border – many of whom have little or no use for Trump – why on earth would Canada or France or any other of America’s post-Second World War allies want to join the United States in any war that Trump may now so recklessly lead his country in to in  the Middle East?

Especially when the United States is now led by a president with a daily record of telling lies at every turn, of not reading or of openly discarding and discrediting  his country’s own intelligence reports if they don’t serve his interests, of going rogue on his own top advisers, of insulting traditional allies like Canada and France, and of throwing allies (most recently the Kurds) under the bus in ways that leave them in the line of lethal fire?

So as I argued in a commentary posted on Niagara At Large this January 4th, I certainly hope  (just as I am sure a majority of my fellow citizens do) that Canada’s current prime minister does not agree to put the lives of young Canadians in the line of lethal fire by going along with whatever Trump and his yes man Pompeo are up to in this dangerous game of chicken they are no playing with Iran and its affiliates in the Middle East.

(Click on the screen below for some facts on the toll the Iraq War, from its launch in 2003, has taken on humanity.)

In response to my January 4th commentary on this issue, one of Niagara At Large’s regular readers, Linda McKellar, shared a commentary of her own I think make some points worthy of everyone’s careful consideration. McKellar’s commentary is posted under my piece. But given what is at stake for the whole world with what Trump and Iran are up to here, I am posting it again.

So here it is, a commentary by Linda McKellar –

There are a few points I think pertinent to this (Iran) fiasco –

Trump, looking obviously not thrilled about meeting Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau halfway, even with a handshake at the G7 meeting in Quebec in 2018. Around the same time, he was openly insulting Trudeau, calling him “weak” and “dishonest,” while trading what he called “love letters” with the likes of North Korea’s murderous dictator, Kim Jong-un, whom he praised as “very talented.”

#1 – Trump deserted the nuclear ban treaty with Iran, which Iran had been  obeying. He likely did so simply because he so hates Obama that he wants to erase any trace of anything good that Obama did. He also deserted the Paris Climate Accord, partly because that was another of Obama’s babies (as well as helping his multinational industrial buddies).

#2 – Everything he does is designed as a diversion from his most recent mess. In this case, impeachment has been pushed to the bottom of the news cycle. He just goes from blunder to blunder and uses chaos, which he confesses he thrives upon, to keep everyone confused and distracted.

#3 – If a President is in trouble, start a war and you look like a patriotic strong man. As Bush did with his lie about WMDs, the “imminent threat” from the Iranian General was probably a red herring. Past administrations didn’t take the guy out because they knew the minuses outnumbered the pluses. Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t plan beyond the next toilet tweet let alone anticipate any consequences. Could you imagine if an Iranian drone strike killed the U.S. Secretary of State and a couple dozen innocent citizens? All this does is put targets on the backs of western nations.

Thanks a lot Trump!

I truly hope all of the traditional allies say; “You’re on your own in this one Donnie.”

Why would he want Canada to come to his side? After all, he called us a “national security threat” as an excuse to put tariffs on our goods, something that cost thousands of jobs. I was so happy we never entered the first bogus Iraqi war.

Trump isn’t satisfied with simply destabilizing his own country, he has to destabilize the entire planet. I used to think he was just stupid but now I realize he is evil.

Linda McKellar is a Niagara, Ontario resident and retired emergency care nurse who is a close follower of  public affairs who frequently shares here views on Niagara At Large.

To read the commentary Niagara At Large posted this past Saturday, January 4th, 2020 on this issue, click on –

After you have insulted, attacked and committed acts that have caused costly damage to your country’s old allies, what kind of support can you expect from them now?

Here is just one American broadcast report on how Trump has treated Canada and other traditional allies. To watch, click on the screen below –

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3 responses to “Canada Should Say ‘No’ to Any Involvement in Trump’s War Ventures

  1. I totally agree with all that is said in this article. To follow Trump’s lead would be a disaster for anyone. I hope our top officials have enough sense to stay far away from this mess. There’s no doubt that Soleimani was evil but to assassinate him was decidedly an act of war.


  2. Brigitte Bonner

    Linda McKellar very, very well said. Canada must stay out of the fiasco at all costs.


  3. Brigitte Bonner

    You nailed it again Doug. I agree with you completely.


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