Help Stop Trump from Ravaging One of North America’s Great Natural Resources – The Tongass National Forest in Alaska

“The Tongass (National Forest) is an essential carbon sink. It stores more atmospheric carbon than any other U.S. forest.  Each tree that is cut down removes a piece of this invaluable resource that helps slow climate change.”                                                                                – The Sierra Club, in an open appeal for our help to save this rich, life-giving forest

One of North America’s greatest stand of trees is now in Trump’s sights for destruction

A Call-Out for Support from the Sierra Club

Posted September 6th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

(A Brief Foreword Note from NAL’s Doug Draper – I am generally reluctant to post calls for support that involve asking for dollar donations on Niagara At Large, outside of a shortlist of exceptions.

I am making an exception in this case because the organization asking for donations – the Sierra Club – is one of the oldest and most respected conservation groups in the world – and the battle they need funding for is against efforts by the Trump administration and some of the greediest pirates in the logging industry to literally cut the life out of one of the last great stands of trees on this continent that Canada shares with the United States.

This disgusting and dangerous move, along with so many others Trump and his fellow swamp creatures are making around deconstructing a legacy of environmental safeguards has the potential to seriously compromise a healthy and prosperous future for all of us.

So we need to support groups like the Sierra Club in whatever way we can to fight these battles.)

Now here is the Sierra Club’s call-out for support –

In the last week of August, President Trump told the Forest Service to exempt the Tongass National Forest from the Roadless Rule that has protected it ; and millions more acres of National Forest System land; from road building and logging for 20 years.

The impacts are staggering to consider.

Trump mugs for photographers after recently signing an order to log the Tongass National Forest. The old man to the right, clapping and grinning like the prorverbial cat that swallowed the canary, is Sonny Perdue, a former Republican governor for Georgia and vocal climate denier who once sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for rules to make gasoline less polluting. He is now Trump’s Agriculture Secretary.

The Tongass is home to threatened species like the Alexander Archipelago wolf and Queen Charlotte Goshawk, which can’t sustain more assaults on their habitat.  And further development would threaten sites sacred to Alaska Natives.

And it gets worse: This could set a precedent for states across the country to exempt themselves from the Roadless Rule, opening up millions of acres of pristine wild land to development.

The good news is there’s still something we can do.  Sen. Maria Cantwell has a bill to stop state-level exemptions to the Roadless Rule, keeping it in full force for all of our National Forests.

We need to stop the destruction of Tongass and make Sen. Cantwell’s bill law so that none of our other natural lands come so close to the brink of destruction again.

Will you pledge to join the fight now? To consider making a pledge click on the link directly below.

This image of Trump raging at our earth appeared on the cover of Der Spiegel, a major magazine from Germany, after Trump walked away form the 2016 Paris Climate Accord. It remains just as representative of his lack of respect for the life-sustaining gifts this earth offers  us today – gifts he and the special interests he serves are moving so aggressively to plunder and destroy.

The Tongass is an essential carbon sink. It stores more atmospheric carbon than any other U.S. forest.  Each tree that is cut down removes a piece of this invaluable resource that helps slow climate change.

Just as we need Brazil to protect the Amazonian rainforest to help avert the climate crisis, we need to protect our own rainforest in Alaska for the same reason.

If Trump and his allies succeed in Alaska, that won’t be the end of it. Their goal is to open as much of our public land to clear cutting and mining as they can.

And they’ve made it clear they’re going to ignore everything the public wants: Last fall, Alaska’s First Nations activists, recreational and commercial fishermen, tourism operators, and others made their desire clear when they submitted 144,000 comments in favor of protecting the Tongass.

At the Sierra Club, this is a matter of listening to those voices most affected by this decision. It’s a matter of preserving beautiful places so that we don’t need to tell future generations what the natural world used to be like.

And it’s a matter of protecting the ancient carbon-rich forests that are one of our best tools for stopping the climate crisis, rather than destroying them.

Become a monthly donor today to protect the Tongass, our national forests, and wild places across the country.

Thank you for your vital support in building a better world.

With determination, Lena Moffitt, Senior Director, Our Wild America Sierra Club

For more information on the Sierra Club, click on – .

For more information, watch this recent segment from Rachel Maddow’s news & commentary program on MSNBC by clicking on the screen below –

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