While the World is on Fire, Doug Ford & his Tory Pals go to Bat for Carbon Pollution

Tell Ontario’s Doug Ford Government Where to Put its “Carbon Tax” Stickers

A Call-Out from the Ontario Clean Air Alliance 

Posted August 29th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

A Brief Foreword by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper –

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has clearly sided with petroleum corporation polluters

Just as the earth-plundering pirates running the petroleum industry must be cheering Donald Trump on today for gutting standards in his country for reducing emissions of methane – one of the more significant greenhouse gases – they have got to be pleased with Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s efforts to do their dirty work for them too.

It is not enough that the Ford government has just filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada to overturn the top Ontario court’s ruling in favour of the federal government placing a price on carbon pollution in the province by charging a few more cents a litre on gas sold at the pump.

The Ford government has also pressed ahead with directing petroleum companies to attach stickers to all their pumps – highlighting how much extra per litre consumers are paying thanks to what Ford and company prefer to demonize as a “carbon tax” rather than a price on pollution.

Those propoganda stickers go on the pumps just in time to possibly help this guy, federal Tory leader Andrew Scheer, standing next to Ford (right) in the upcoming October federal election

The stickers are going on the pumps now – just in time to help Ford’s political pal, federal Tory leader Andrew Scheer, use this so-called “carbon tax” as another way to paint Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberals, in this coming October’s federal election, as government out to make Canadians’ lives less affordable.

As for the petroleum corporations, why would they not comply with the Ford government’s order to put these “carbon tax” stickers on their pumps? There is no profit for them in shifting away from carbon-based fuels as something we have got to do to address the climate crisis.

With that, the following is a call-out from the non-profit, citizens advocacy group, the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, for Ford and his minions to take their propaganda stickers and get out of town.

How deeply disturbing it is that Ontario has a premier, and there is a character who wants to be Canada’s prime mnister who – while the world faces a climate emergency – prefer to engage in self-serving political stunts like this.)

Now from the Ontario Clean Air Alliance –

On the Ford government’s insistence, here is the sticker that gas stations across Ontario are now displaying on their pumps. Not surprisingly, the stickers fail to note that the provincial government charges more than 14 cents in taxes of its for every litre of gas a consumer buys at the pumps.

The Ford government insists it is all about putting money in your pocket.So why does it keep taking money out?

The provincial government is currently wasting thousands of tax dollars on blatantly misleading stickers about the federal carbon levy, and it is insisting all gas stations install these stickers on their gas pumps – or be fined $10,000 a day. Of course, Ontarians are only paying the federal levy because the Ford government cancelled the provincial cap-and-trade program.

Furthermore, itsstickers fail to point out that the vast majority of Ontarians will receivea carbon tax credit that is higher<http://cleanair.hosted.phplist.com/lists/lt.php?tid=6LaMA41VxZa1oeHmE1HAnKG0dky6iAcklEYtKm2Sx3fv5ReiPtfLILLcsuTIbS6T>than the added costs created by the federal levy.

This is a situation that cries out for a pointed response.

Here is a sample of one of the alternatives sticker available to  us

Fortunately,some of our friends have created some stickers of their own to help you do just that at (click on this link) – http://cleanair.hosted.phplist.com/lists/lt.php?tid=tgt7t35Mv4O8Mky5yWIWq6G0dky6iEcklEYtKm2Sx3fv5ReiPtdrILLcsuTIbS6Ty

You can *order* *FREE stickers*, and *download* some catchy messages to share on social media about the need for real action on climate change.

Let’s tell the Ford government we need fewer stickers and more action when it comes to climate change.

Please share this message with your friends,

Angela Bischoff, Director, Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Here is another alternative sticker that may grab a little attention. Forget the F-bomb. The real obscenity is government leaders still willing put put our children’s future at risk.

To find out more about the Ontario  Clean Air Alliance and its public advocacy work, click on – http://www.cleanairalliance.org/ .

To read a statement, circulated by the Ontario Ford government’s environment minister this August 28th, 2019, on the appeal it is making to Canada’s top court to overturn the federal government’s efforts to place a price on carbon pollution at the pumps, click on https://news.ontario.ca/ene/en/2019/08/statement-from-minister-yurek-on-appealing-the-federal-carbon-tax-decision-to-the-supreme-court-of-c.html?utm_source=ondemand&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=m .

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“A politician thinks of the next election. a leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders

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