Fort Erie Councillor Tables Motion to Create First Ever Whistleblower Protection in Niagara

‘A Better Niagara hopes (Fort Erie councillor Nick Dubanow’s motion) itstarts a wave of similar motions across Niagara. We can’t let what happened during the last term of Regional Council ever happen again.’

News from A Better Niagara, a region-wide citizens group

Posted June 25th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

This June 23rd was International Whistleblowers Day.


“The purpose of whistleblowing is to expose secret and wrongful acts by those in power in order to enable reform”                                   — Glenn Greenwald (American journalist and author).

Town of Fort Erie cCouncillor Nick Dubanow plans to table motion for municipal whistleblower protection for the first time in Niagara

Fort Erie Councillor Nick Dubanow’s motion to create the first municipal Whistleblower protection in Niagara will be discussed by his Council on July 15 2019. We hope Fort Erie residents will let their councillors know how important this issue is to them and will also turn out to support the motion on July 15th.

Think about all the secret contracts, the corruption of hiring practices, the tainted behaviour of certain Councillors, Board members and senior managers, at the Region and NPCA, during the last term of Council. It is likely that much of it could have been prevented if people within the system felt free to raise those issues without fear of losing their jobs. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Whistleblower protections are policies that governments, institutions and other employers put in place to protect employees who suspect or know that there has been wrongdoing.

It gives them an opportunity to bring their concerns to an unbiased third party who can determine whether the concern is legitimate. Once the facts are ascertained, this third party can recommend a course of action to the employer — all the while protecting the identity of the complainant.

Some cities have them, some Conservation Authorities have them but not in Niagara Region. That may change if a motion introduced by Fort Erie Councillor Nick Dubanow on Monday gets enough support to pass.

A Better Niagara hopes it will and we hope it starts a wave of similar motions across Niagara. We can’t let what happened during the last term of Regional Council ever happen again. Whistleblower protection is one step toward a great light of transparency that needs to shine into all the dark corners of governance.

(Niagara At Large has posted this piece with the permission of A Better Niagara.

NAL will continue to follow the progress of this groundbreaking effort to protect those who speak out and expose information that their fellow citizens have a right to know and need to know about their government.)

About A Better Niagara – A Better Niagara is a coalition of concerned Niagara citizens committed to empowering democratic change to replace both regressive politicians and policies with progressive alternatives.

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