Beverage Alcohol To Be Sold In Hundreds Of Additional Stores Across Ontario

Niagara communities of Fenwick and Wellandport identified in expansion of choice and convenience

“By opening up more alcohol retail outlets across the province, we are not only making life easier for people, we are enabling growth and job creation.” – Niagara West MPP and Ford government member Sam Oosterhoff

News from the Constituency Office of Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff

Posted June 7th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

FENWICK – The Government of Ontario is putting people first and improving

Niagara West MPP and Ford government member Sam Oosterhoff

choice and convenience by expanding sales of beverage alcohol to nearly 300 new retail outlets across Ontario – many opening this summer.

Today, Sam Oosterhoff, MPP for Niagara West announced that Fenwick and Wellandport are among communities eligible to host some of the new stores.

“These stores will provide consumers with greater choice and convenience, while offering craft brewers and wineries with greater reach and visibility,” said Oosterhoff.

“By opening up more alcohol retail outlets across the province, we are not only making life easier for people, we are enabling growth and job creation. Our government’s Open for Business, Open for Jobs approach is about promoting competition, and establishing fairness for everyone, from small craft brewers, cider and wine producers to the large beer producers.”

Ontario is allowing 87 more grocery stores across the province to sell wine, beer and cider, bringing the total number of grocery store authorizations to 450. New grocers will be able to start selling wine, beer and cider starting in September.

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) is also expanding its agency store program to approximately 200 new underserved communities, with up to 60 stores expected to open in August. Up to 150 new locations are expected to open by December 2019, with additional stores opening in spring 2020. These new locations will now be called “LCBO Convenience Outlets” to help consumers easily identify local alcohol retailers in their community that offer a similar product assortment as LCBO stores.

“Whether driving to the cottage or running errands, consumers across Ontario will now have more places to pick up beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages,” said Minister of Finance Vic Fedeli. “Our government is committed to delivering greater choice and convenience to individuals and families, and this expansion is just the beginning.”

Ontario’s Government for the People respects adult consumers by trusting them to make responsible choices that work for them. Enabling nearly 300 additional stores to sell alcohol is a first step in delivering choice, convenience and fairness, while discussions with industry are underway to expand alcohol sales into corner stores, big-box stores and even more grocery stores.


  • *         Grocers will be selected through a lottery process. Successful grocers will then apply to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for an authorization and enter into a wholesale supply agreement with the LCBO.
  • *         The LCBO will release a Request for Proposal for local retailers in the 200 newly identified communities. All business applicants that meet the requirements for an authorization will be entered into a lottery for each community and those selected will be eligible for Convenience Outlet authorizations.
  • *         Ken Hughes, Special Advisor for the Beverage Alcohol Review, recently released a report<> detailing the inconvenience and unfairness of the current system for everyday Ontario consumers. A key recommendation was to allow more businesses to provide choice and convenience by expanding the number of LCBO agency stores and allowing alcohol to be sold in more grocery stores.
  • *         Ontario has fewer stores that can sell alcohol than any other province when compared against population size. There are over 8,000 retail stores in Quebec selling alcohol, but less than 3,000 in Ontario.

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One response to “Beverage Alcohol To Be Sold In Hundreds Of Additional Stores Across Ontario

  1. Linda McKellar

    Good old Oosterhoff. (Someone get this guy new glasses, they’re as lopsided as his views.) Irony is totally lost on these clowns. Make liquor easily available. Caution, pregnancy might be a side effect not listed on the label but ban abortions. Close down libraries but make it easier to get booze. Lowest common denominator. Why don’t they do something that is actually productive?


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