Some Breaking News  – Trudeau Government Rescues 50 Million Tree-Planting Program in Ontario

Ontario’s Ford Government Axed this Important Environmental Protection Program this Spring, along with Flood Management and Many Others

A Brief News Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted June 5th on Niagara At Large

Early this June 5th, the CBC posted some good news for our province’s environment and for everyone who lives in Ontario who need a healthy environment to live healthy lives.

The CBC report began as follows –

“The federal government is putting up $15 million over four years to rescue the 50 Million Tree Program which was cut by the Ontario government of Doug Ford in its last budget, CBC News has learned. 

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna will make the announcement just after noon on Wednesday in Ottawa, explaining how the new cash will extend the program for at least another four years. She said in a statement to CBC News on Tuesday that preserving the program will mean cleaner air, a healthier environment and good local jobs. 

“While Mr. Ford cuts programs that support tree planting, forest firefighting, flood management, and tackling climate change, we will continue to invest in a clean future for our environment, our economy, and our kids.”

Canada’s Environment Minister and Hamilton area MP Catherine McKenna is scheduled to officially announce this news later this June 5th

This journalist and veteran environment reporter at Niagara At Large applauds this move by Canada’s federal government.

I applaud it just as I condemned the move by Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford and his band of ant-environmental protection minions to axe  funding (provided by the former Ontario Liberal government) for a tree-planting program,  that is vital in so many ways, from providing habitat for wildlife to cleaning our air and reducing the carbon input to the atmosphere that is contributing to a climate crisis for present and future generations.

By the way, there are property owners and community groups and agencies in the Niagara area who use this tree-planting program to the benefit of all of us.

Niagara At Large will have more to say about this good news from Canada’s federal government and on Ford’s continued war against environmental progams – a war that threatens to steal our children’s future –  later this week.

Stay Tuned!

To read the full CBC report on this, click on –

To watch a video about Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program, click on –

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