Dan Patterson to Conclude his Tenure as Niagara College President in June 2020

“Dan’s leadership has provided an exceptional era at Niagara College and we look forward to the opportunities to express our appreciation in celebration of his accomplishments over the coming year.” – from a statement from Niagara College’s Board of Governors

A Statement  from Niagara College’s Board of Governors

Posted May 29th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Niagara College President Dan Patterson

Niagara, Ontario – President Dan Patterson, the dynamic, visionary and tireless leader of Niagara College, has advised the Board of Governors that he will conclude his tenure as president when his current term ends on June 30, 2020.

While he remains as passionate and energized about Niagara College as he was at the beginning of his presidency almost 25 years ago, Dan has indicated that he feels it is the right time to make a change, knowing the college is in a strong place and well positioned to meet the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

On behalf of the Board of Governors and the entire Niagara College community, I offer our sincere appreciation to Dan for dedicating boundless time and energy into transforming Niagara College into a leading post-secondary educational institution in Canada with global recognition for excellence.

  • Under Dan’s leadership, enrolment has grown almost threefold;
  • College programs and operations have been consolidated into two specialized campuses that are among the most beautiful, innovative and unique learning environments in all of Canada;
  • Niagara College has introduced unique programs that respond to emerging local, provincial and national needs; and Niagara College has grown into a college with a reach and reputation that extends around the world.

Dan’s leadership and influence has extended well beyond our campus walls, to the communities of Niagara, our province and Canada.

His longstanding dedication to smart economic development in Niagara is reflected in the linking of Niagara College’s academic programs to the new and emerging needs of local industries, and he has championed many initiatives that support health and well-being in Niagara.

Programs introduced under Dan’s leadership include Canadian firsts in post-secondary education such as winery and viticulture and wine business, brewing, distilling and a commercial cannabis production program.

Dan has embodied the DNA of Niagara College as an institution that is trailblazing, welcoming and passionate. In fact, he and his wife Saundra have opened their hearts and home to literally thousands of College students, faculty, staff and guests from around the world.

Dan continues to share his knowledge and expertise through involvement in boards at the national, provincial and local levels. His public service has been recognized with various awards including Honorary Doctorates from Brock University and Niagara University.

Niagara College has also become a forerunner in applied research under Dan’s leadership, consistently ranking in the top 10 of College Research funding in Canada. It has assisted hundreds of small and medium businesses with research and development of new products and process efficiencies.

While he has personally greeted premiers, prime ministers, ambassadors and royalty, Dan will tell you that the most important and cherished greetings of his career have been in congratulating over 60,000 Niagara College graduates.

Dr. Dan, as he is sometimes affectionately known, is recognized by his friendly, welcoming, demeanor which affords students, staff and faculty the comfort to stop him in the parking lot, hallway or in the community at large.

His willingness to listen to compliments and criticism has enabled Dan to keep his hand on the pulse of Niagara College, and to seize opportunities to learn, improve and innovate.

Dan and Saundra plan to stay in the Niagara Region as Dan looks forward to remaining active in post-secondary education, focusing on being an advocate for colleges, a mentor to leaders and students, and an expert in international education.

The Board of Governors accepted Dan’s announcement with deep appreciation for all that he has done and holds great respect for his wish to move to a new phase in life.

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