In Unprecedented Letter, 10 of Ontario’s former Tory, Liberal and NDP Health Ministers Slam Ford’s Cuts to Health Care

Ford Cuts make “no economic Sense” and could lead to higher risk of illness and death, open letter says

The Full Letter from the Former Health Ministers is posted below

A Brief Foreword from Doug Draper

Posted May 23rd, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Ontario’s slash and burn premier, Doug Ford, and one of his willing enablers, Health Minister Christine Elliott, like two peas in a pod in the provincial legislature

The cutting and gutting of health services by Ontario’s Ford government – not yet a year in power after someone winning a majority with well less than half the popular vote – have been week-after-week relentless, and they just keep coming.

What is more disturbing is that the Ontario’s premier, Doug Ford, and his ever so willing enabler, Health Minister Christine Elliott, often come across in look and manner as if they are getting some self-satisfying rush out of taking an axe to budgets that compromise health services vital to children, to seniors and to countless thousands of people in between.

And just to pour more acid on an already gaping wound, Ford, Elliott and their parliamentary toadies repeated come out with news releases celebrating these cuts at the provincial level as if they are, to use their words, “putting money back in our pockets” when, in many cases, the costs for the services are simply being downloaded to municipalities.

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott, left, and Premier Doug Ford looking proud of themselves after service-gutting budget was tabled this past April

In other words the Ford gang’s boast that they are putting money back in our pockets by making cuts to health care, education, flood management, library, transit and other services is – to put it bluntly – often nothing more than barefaced B.S..

Niagara’s regional council found out earlier this month, for example, that it is already looking at picking up hundreds of thousands of dollars a year of costs for vital health care services due to cuts Ford and company are making at the provincial level.

The only choice municipal councillors have is to take the money out of emergency reserves and eventually add them on to property taxes, or cut services that are vital to residents in need.

So here is a copy of an open letter sent to the Ford government this May 23rd by 10 former Ontario health ministers, going back to the governments of Progressive Conservative Premier Bill Davis, Liberal Premier David Peterson, NDP Premier Bob Rae and onward –  A Footnote from Doug Draper – If you share the concerns in this letter, contact your provincial member of parliament and the Premier’s Office and let them know.

And let’s find out if there is any way of impeaching or in some other legal way, removing Doug Ford and Christine Elliott from office. We can’t afford another three years of these two.

To read a CBC story on the letter sent by the former health ministers, click on – .

To read a recent story in the St. Catharines Standard about the impact the Ford/Elliott government health service cuts may have on municipal finances in Niagara,.click on .

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