Ford Strikes Wrong Chord With More Cuts To The Arts

“This showcases just how out of touch the Ford Conservatives are with how important it is to support the local cultural sectors that contribute so much to our economy.”                                                      – Ontario NDP Culture Critic Jill Andrew

News from Ontario’s NDP/Official Opposition Party

Posted April 25th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

(A Brief Foreword Note from NAL publisher Doug Draper –

It never seems to fail how much the more hardcore right-wingers in Conservative Parties on the Canadian side of the border and the Republican Party in the U.S., show their contempt for the arts – unless, of course, they can personally find a way of making big bucks off of them.

They will poor all kinds of tax money into some phoney ‘war on crime’ or the military, and give no end of tax cuts or subsidies to the upper one or two per cent.

But if you have a program or business that has anything to do with encouraging or promoting or offering up the arts, look out.

So here we are with the following news release from the province’s NDP/Official Opposition Party about more cuts to the arts from Doug Ford’s Conservatives in Ontario.)

QUEEN’S PARK — Jill Andrew, Ontario NDP Culture critic, said it’s shameful for Doug Ford to step up his attack on the arts by cutting the Ontario Music Fund by more than 50 per cent.

Yesterday, Billboard reported that the Ontario Music Fund’s budget has been slashed to $7 million, down from $15 million. The fund is designed to promote the province’s music industry through funding streams that support everything from live music events to music company development.

“Doug Ford has hit another bad note on the culture file, this time ripping away opportunities from everyone from aspiring artists to the domestic music companies that nurture their budding talent,” said Andrew. “This showcases just how out of touch the Ford Conservatives are with how important it is to support the local cultural sectors that contribute so much to our economy.

“Doug Ford’s cuts to the music fund will make it harder for homegrown talent to flourish at home. If we want a competitive music industry, we must provide the resources for our artists to make it here and for their musical artistry to be recognized internationally.”

The 2017-18 list of Ontario Music Fund recipients is a who’s who of homegrown talent. A Tribe Called Red Inc., Arkells Music Inc. and City and Colour are identified as being among the domestic music companies that received funding through the stream for music company development.

“Doug Ford is taking things from bad to worse for Ontarians who enjoy and take part in the arts,” said Andrew. “This piles onto a $5-million cut to the base funding at the Ontario Arts Council, a $2.25-million cut to the Indigenous Culture Fund and cuts to the North and Southern Ontario Library Services of 50 per cent and more.

 “Ontarians deserve to have opportunities to pursue their passion through careers in the arts. We should be doing more to support homegrown talent in cultural sectors like the music industry, not less.”

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders

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