Ford Government Appoints Former Wainfleet Mayor, NPCA Board Members to Board of Niagara Parks Commission

April Jeffs is appointed Vice-Chair on board of Ontario’s  Niagara Parks 

A News Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted February 19th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Ontario’s Tory leader (now Premier) Doug Ford last year with then Tory candidate April Jeffs, who lost in the Niagara Centre riding last June to the NDP’s Jeff Burch. Jeffs also served as mayor of Wainfleet and sat on the board of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority until Niagara’s Regional Council appointed new NPCA board members late this past year.

Ontario’s Ford government has appointed April Jeffs, a former Wainfleet mayor and a failed Ford candidate in last year’s provincial election, to the post of vice-chair on the Niagara Parks Commission’s board of directors.

Jeffs, who ran as a provincial Tory candidate in the Niagara Centre Riding last June and has been nominated to run as the Tory candidate in the same riding in this year’s federal election, also sat for the past four years as a member of the board for the problem-plagued Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA).

Jeffs, who decided not to run for another term for Wainfleet’s mayor in last October’s municipal elections, is the second failed provincial Tory candidate since this past fall to get appointed by the Ford government to sit on the Niagara Parks Commission board.

Ford government also recently picked fellow Tory traveller Sandie Bellows to chair board of Ontario’s time-honoured Niagara Parks Commission

Sandie Bellows, a former St. Catharines city council who ran and lost as a Tory candidate in the St. Catharines riding  last June, and who later won a seat on Niagara Regional Council, now holds a seat on the Niagara Parks Commission’s board as its chair.

The board of the Niagara Parks Commission, an Ontario agency dating back to its founding in 1885,  hosts eight members that are appointed to three year terms directly by the provincial government and another four members recommended for provincial approval  by (one each from) Niagara’s Regional Council and the three local municipalities along the Niagara River corridor – Niagara Falls, Fort Erie and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

The Niagara Parks Commission was formed to protect and preserve lands along the Niagara River. It also showcases and operates parks and gardens, a horticultural school, golf courses, restaurants and other attractions that are destinations for people from around the world.

Niagara At Large will have more on this latest appointment to the Niagara Parks board and related matters later.

In related news, former Niagara Falls regional councillor Bart Maves, who was an Ontario Tory MPP representing the Niagara Falls riding during the Mike Harris government years through the late 1990s and early 2000s, and who also once served as chair of the NPCA board, has also reportedly been appointed by the Ford government to a post on the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission.

The Ford government has also appointed another one of its failed candidate – Chuck McShane who ran and lost in last June’s provincial election in the Niagara Falls riding and who also lost his bid last October for a seat on Niagara-on-the-Lake’s counci – to the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission.

Stay tuned.

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One response to “Ford Government Appoints Former Wainfleet Mayor, NPCA Board Members to Board of Niagara Parks Commission

  1. Lose election by the people? Just get appointed. Ahh, the glory of democracy.


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