Sending Out An SOS … They Are Cutting Trees At Waverly Woods in Fort Erie – Now!

A Call-Out from Marcie Jacklin from Community Voices of  Fort Erie, a Niagara-based citizens organization

Posted  November 7th, 2018  on Niagara At Large

Inside Waverly Woods – in an area of Fort Erie now targeted for urban development.

I’m sorry to report that there is more tree cutting at Waverly Woods in the north east corner. This is the third site where tree cutting has occurred on this property within the last few months.

Please email or call the Mayor, Town Councillors (see below) and Rick Brady. This shouldn’t be happening because:

  1. a) the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports has informed us that tree cutting disturbs the archaeological site
  2. b) this violates conditions 54 and 56 of the Notice of Approval of Draft Plan of Subdivision Harbourtown Village.

Here is the contact site for the Mayor, Councillors ( and

The PreHearing Conference for the OMB/LPAT appeal is three weeks away and we have an impressive list of experts now but we need your help to pay for this expertise.

Please donate to our legal and expert costs here

Also encourage others who would like this property saved to sign the petition at

For further information please email if you have any comments or concerns. 

For more information on the citizens group Community Voices of Fort Erie, click on .

A Footnote from Niagara At Large publisher Doug Draper – Here is a story about some tree cutting taking place on a green place people are trying to protect from development in Niagara-on-the-Lake that you should read. Click on–they-re-cutting-everything-down-/ .

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2 responses to “Sending Out An SOS … They Are Cutting Trees At Waverly Woods in Fort Erie – Now!

  1. Is this a way of trying to impede the democratic process put in motion by concerned citizens in the area by doing irrevocable damage to this sensitive site just weeks before the OMB appeal begins? Why must this be done now? Can they not wait three weeks for the appeal process to be initiated on November 28th? What will they say after damage is done should they perhaps lose the appeal? “Oops?”


  2. I mourn the loss of indigenous trees and the destruction of natural habitats whenever I see such beautiful sites on the chopping block, all in favour of some crummy condos and someone’s bottom-line misguided, profit-enhancing capitalistic venture. It’s just a coincidence that I’m a holder of a Forest Technician Diploma (Honours 1976). I state my opinions as a concerned and responsible inhabitant of planet Earth, which is gradually snuffing itself out. The losses of such amenities along the way, make our earthly journey that much more agonizing, with fewer natural features to savour and take comfort in. I encourage everyone to take the time to register their displeasure, and to support the preservation of this wonderful local piece of our biosphere.


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