Ford Announces New Chapter in Ontario’s Relationship with the United States

Premier Doug Ford will appoint Ian Todd as Ontario’s Trade Representative to the United States in Washington, D.C.

News from the Office of Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Posted October 18th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

The Peace Bridge – a major gateway for trade between Ontario and many points in the U.S.

Queen’s Park, Ontario — Today, Premier Doug Ford announced that Ontario’s Government for the People is marking a new chapter in the province’s relationship with the United States.

“I am pleased that we are beginning a new chapter in Ontario’s long relationship with the United States. I am so happy to announce that we intend to appoint Ian Todd to be Ontario’s Trade Representative in Washington,” said Ford.

“In the new era of USMCA, we need someone who is strategically minded, has extensive government experience, and will put Ontario’s interests first. Todd is well suited to promote Ontario’s diversity and diverse economy.”

In his capacity in senior positions in several federal and provincial governments, and as an executive in the energy industry, Todd spent much of his time promoting Canadian interests with counterparts in the United States and abroad.

Leveraging his unique expertise and experience, Todd will serve in two separate roles: Ontario’s Trade Representative to the United States and as Special Advisor to the Premier.

“I am honoured to take on the challenge of this new chapter. Ontario has the largest population and is the economic driver of Canada,” said Todd. “The province’s representation is paramount to the province’s ability to attract new investment and expand trade with the United States.”

The Ontario Office in Washington, D.C. is a relatively new office at the Canadian mission in the United States capital. The priorities of the Office are to promote Ontario’s interests in the United States as well as cross border trade and investment. Premier Ford has been clear that Ontario’s representation in the United States is the only way to ensure that the province is front and centre in the USMCA era.

Quick Facts

  • Ian Todd will begin his tenure as Ontario Trade Representative to the United States effective October 22, 2018.
  • He will be paid a base salary of $350,000 CDN. Unlike his predecessor, he will not be receiving any termination payment. Additionally, he will not be eligible for any pension payments.
  • Mr. Todd will not be accepting payment for his second role as Special Advisor to the Premier.
  • Given Mr. Todd’s expanded role, Ontario’s Government for the People recently ended retainer contracts with consulting firms established by the previous government, saving taxpayers $710,000 per year.

A Response to this News from Ontario’s New Democratic Party

Doug Ford just gave another Conservative insider a sweet gig

The pork appointments are rolling in from Ford’s ‘Government for the People’ And you don’t get one if you are not one of Doug’s good buds

QUEEN’S PARK — Doug Ford has given yet another of his friends a cushy gig, appointing his campaign’s tour director, Ian Todd, to be the trade representative to Washington for a cool $350,000 a year.

That’s $75,000 a year more than his predecessor, and even more than Canada’s ambassador to the United States is paid.

“Apparently, the Ford gravy train has arrived at Queen’s Park and it’s all aboard for Ford’s friends, and those he owes a favour to,” said NDP MPP Taras Natyshak. “Most Ontarians would be lucky to earn $75,000 a year, never mind getting a $75,000 bump in pay. And while Ford’s buddy gets that huge paycheque, Ontario families pay for it.”

Todd’s appointment is just the latest move by Doug Ford to appoint Ford Conservative insiders and friends to plum government positons. Ford appointed Conservative party president and political campaign advisor Rueben Devlin to a three-year term as a healthcare advisor for more than $1 million. Then he gave the Ford family lawyer, Gavin Tighe, a $667,000 government contract to sit on the Public Accountants Council.

Natyshak said Ford’s choice to hand out these pricey patronage appointments to Conservative insiders while he has started to make his deep cuts to education, violence against women programming and more is just wrong.

“Why is Doug Ford trading Liberal insiders for even more costly Conservative insiders while he tells the rest of Ontario the cupboard is bare?” asked Natyshak.

Now that you have read the Ford government spin on this appointment, here are a few key excerpts from  a news account followed by a link to the entire story –

Ford’s man in Washington could be paid more than Canada’s ambassador

By Marieke Walsh. Published on Oct 18, 2018 5:00am

TORONTO — Premier Doug Ford has appointed a longtime Conservative and a former campaign adviser to be Ontario’s representative in Washington.

Ian Todd will represent the province at the Canadian embassy in Washington, according to three separate sources who spoke with iPolitics on the condition of anonymity. … 

Todd has been a senior member of Conservative election campaigns federally and provincially for years. Most recently, he was the head of tour for Ford’s campaign. He has also served as chief of staff to ministers in former prime minister Stephen Harper’s government and, until recently, was a partner at Maple Leaf Strategies.

Ford fired Ontario’s former representative in Washington — a Liberal appointed by the previous government — at his first cabinet meeting in late June.

Monique Smith left the post in mid-July. According to the province’s sunshine list, she made $274,144.56 in 2017.

Her successor stands to get a major bump in pay. According to one source, who spoke with iPolitics on the condition of anonymity, Todd’s salary will be around $350,000. The premier’s office refused to comment on the figure.

To read the entire story, click on

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