Marathon Regional Council Meeting Produces No New Answers On CAO Hiring Controversy

A Brief News Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted August 16th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton stands and makes a point at a special meeting of Niagara Region’s council this August 16th to address concerns over 2016 CAO hiring

Niagara, Ontario – After more than five hours of open and closed discussions at a special meeting of Niagara Region’s council this August 16th, the public learned very little that is new about the CAO hiring controversy that has shaken even more trust in and respect for regional government in recent months.

What the meeting mostly did was confirm which members of the council are determined to get to the bottom of questions around the October, 2016 hiring of Carmen D’Angelo to the top administrative job at the Region and which ones want to keep a lid on any further questions.

But more on them later.

The outcome of the August 16th special meeting was a motion passed to push a list of questions about the hiring off to an August 23rd meeting when D’Angelo and the Region’s Chair and Al Caslin and key members of his staff – none of whom were present for this meeting – are expected to be available to answer at least some of the questions.

Questions remain outstanding over the hiring of this man – Carmen D’Angelo

The questions revolve around what involvement the CAO and his office staff may have had in the hiring of the CAO, what information D’Angelo may have been provided by the Chair’s office during the hiring process and the terms of D’Angelo’s contract at the time of his hiring and since.

At the end of this August 16th’s meeting, St. Catharines regional councillor Kelly Edgar, whose turn it was on council to chair the meeting in place of Caslin, read the following statement to the public on behalf of the council –

“We apologize for the delay, during the time available, Council has had the opportunity to consider all of its options to a greater extent than previously. 

“We share the concerns of the public and in the absence of answers to many of Councils questions regarding the factual background we will continue to pursue appropriate answers on Aug 23, 2018.”

Niagara At Large will have more on this special session of council and where we may go from here with questions and concerns over whether the process used to hire D’Angelo to his $230,000 a year job at the Region was tainted or corrupted in some way.

For now, spend a little time remembering the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, who died this August 16th at age 76, and the gift of music she shared with the world. Put on some of her wonderful music and forget about the mess at the Region for a little while.

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2 responses to “Marathon Regional Council Meeting Produces No New Answers On CAO Hiring Controversy

  1. Tabling questions to the next meeting provides the parties to get together to provide “cooperative” answers.
    We, taxpayers, aid $96,000 to a lawyer who provided answers that the Regional Chair paid him to give. How much will we have to pay the professor to confirm the lawyer did a fantastic job? Cancel the professor and bring in the ombudsman.


  2. Gary Screaton Page

    Are we surprised at all that the meeting resulted in nothing of significance. Regional council needs a major overhaul.


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