This Is One Of Doug Ford’s Priorities For Ontario? Cheap Beer?

Premier Doug Ford Announces Return of ‘Buck-a-Beer’ to Ontario

Announces ‘Buck-a-Beer Challenge’ for brewers to lower prices just in time for Labour Day

“The days of the government putting its hand in your pocket each time you buy a two-four or six-pack are over.”                                  – Your Ontario Premier, Doug Ford

A News Release from the Office of the Premier of Ontario’s “Government for the People”

Posted August 8th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

A Brief Foreword from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper –

Now here is something that is really important. Just what the people of Ontario need right now.

Who cares about funding for mental health services, keeping our public schools in repair, protecting the quality of our air and assisting people living below the poverty level when members of the beer drinking crowd that voted for Doug Ford can get cheaper suds.

Maybe they can use the beer to medicate themselves when their access to affordable health care services disappears.

In the meantime, I have an idea.

You don’t need Ford the Bartender slinging beer for you. Just get in your car and cross the border where you can go to a Wegmans or a Tops supermarket and buy 12 cans of it for about half the price that it costs in Ontario, even with the exchange.

Pick up some milk while you are at it.

Ford can make all the promises he wants about making the price of a glass of beer about the same as the price of a comparable glass of milk in Ontario. Last time I checked, milk was less than two U.S dollars a gallon at Wegmans. And gas is far cheaper too, and probably will be even if Ford follows through one of those bumper sticker pitches he threw out during the election to shave a few pennies off the price of a litre of gas here.

You never know. Since Ford is so hot on going to the good old days in Ontario when there seemed to be less government in our face, maybe we can chug back our cheaper beer, then get behind the wheel without worrying about all those pesky road-side checks and the breathalyser tests.

Why have that to worry about  while we are inhaling more smog and our neighbourhood schools are falling apart.

Poor us a cold one, Mr. Premier, and take us back to Happy Days!

Now here is the Ontario Premier’s important beer announcement –

PICTON, Ontario — Beer fans across Ontario can officially start counting down the days until the return of ‘Buck-a-Beer’, the popular $1-per-beer price floor that delighted people across Ontario until it was cancelled when the previous government abruptly introduced new beer price regulations.

“We were elected on a promise to reduce red tape and put the people first,” said Premier Doug Ford, who made the announcement while visiting the Barley Days Brewery. “This included a promise to bring ‘Buck-a-Beer’ back to Ontario. Today I am proud to say: Promise made, promise kept.”

Ford, who was joined by Minister of Finance, Vic Fedeli, and Minister of Government and Consumer Services, Todd Smith, announced that, effective August 27, Ontario’s Government for the People will lower the minimum price floor to $1.00 for any beer with an alcohol volume below 5.6 per cent.

“We’re going to do this smartly and responsibly,” said Ford. “We trust Ontario beer drinkers and other consumers to make their own smart, mature and responsible choices.”

To encourage brewers to lower their prices, the Premier formally launched the ‘Buck-a-Beer Challenge.’ Any brewer who agrees to lower their prices on or after August 27 will, for a limited time throughout the year, receive LCBO promotional considerations such as limited-time discounts, in-store displays on end aisles and shelf extenders, or advertising in LCBO flyers and newspaper inserts.

“The days of the government putting its hand in your pocket each time you buy a two-four or six-pack is over,” said Ford. “Instead we’re going to do what we said we would do and put Ontario consumers first.”

Quick Facts

  • The minimum retail price for beer was $1.00 in Ontario from 2005 to 2008.
  • In 2008 the previous government decided to ban Buck-a-Beer by setting a higher minimum price and today the retail price floor sits at $1.25.
  • Annual indexing for all packaged beer will be suspended to maintain the $1.00 minimum floor price over time.
  • ‘Buck-a-Beer’ will not apply to draft beer sold in restaurants and bars or ciders, spirits and wine.

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2 responses to “This Is One Of Doug Ford’s Priorities For Ontario? Cheap Beer?

  1. Big mistake suggesting we cross the border and buy American.

    A Response from Niagara At Large publisher Doug Draper – The suggestion was aimed at Doug Ford supporters. Any cuts Ford would achieve in beer and gas prices would come from taxes on these products – taxes that are used to pay for services, including road and highway infrastructure and public transit.
    Ford supporters have made it clear they don’t want to pay taxes for these services in Ontario anyway. So why would it matter if they simply go across the border and buy their beer and gas there?


  2. Then these same Ford supporters can stop using our roads, stop using our hospitals, our schools (for their kids), stop hiring our lawyers/accountants/ and other professionals trained in subsidized universities, stop using our police or fire services when they have an emergency, etc. They talk a great line about how tax cuts will somehow bring in more revenue, but it doesn’t. It just digs our deficit hole deeper.


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