Niagara Falls City Councillor and Former MPP Kim Craitor Is Running For Mayor of Rainbow City

Kim Craitor will take on incumbent Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati in Election scheduled for this coming October 22nd

“I am confident that as Mayor I can bring about changes in an open, transparent and responsible manner. I value public input and consultation and listen to all voices.” – Kim Craitor

New from the Campaign to Elect Kim Crator Mayor of Niagara Falls

Posted June 25th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Falls City Councillor and former MPP Kim Craitor is running for Mayor of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, Ontario – Friends and supporters of Kim Craitor are pleased to announce his decision to run for mayor of Niagara Falls in the upcoming (October 22nd) municipal election.

Craitor said he made his decision after much reflection and with the support of his wife Helen. The current member of city council and former member of provincial parliament filed his nomination papers at City Hall earlier today.

“Hopefully, my commitment to the residents of Niagara Falls is well known” said Craitor. “I have served 17 years as a City Councillor and was the M.P.P. for the Niagara Falls riding for 10 years.”

“ I have contemplated running (for mayor) before,” he added, “but now seemed like the appropriate time.”

Craitor said he has not been satisfied with the state of the city during the past number of years and feels he has much to contribute to its improvement for the benefit of all residents of Niagara Falls.

“The residents expect us (as a city council) to deal with the issues that matter to them , roads, infrastructure, services, keeping a line on taxes etc.” said Craitor.  

Kim Craitor, making the case for a private members’ bill he tabled six years ago – this one on grandparents’ rights to have access to their grandchildren, in the Ontario legislature.

“City Hall also needs to be more responsive and respectful. I am confident that as Mayor I can bring about changes in an open, transparent and responsible manner.”  Craitor added: “I value public input and consultation and listen to all voices.”

In making his announcement to run for mayor, Craitor tackled questions surrounding his departure from Queens Park.

“It is no surprise that my priority as an M.P.P. was always my constituency,” said Craitor, “I was less interested in party politics and toeing party lines.  I believe that made me a bit of a target.” He continued: “ I have never seen the report on the allegations against me.” 

“Naively, because I felt I had anything to hide and was not guilty of anything, I never sought legal representation during the process.  Little did I realize how much the party wanted to cast me aside. If I felt that I had done something truly wrong, I certainly wouldn’t continue in public life.”

Kim Craitor with his wife Helen, filing his papers this July 25th to run for Mayor of Niagara Falls

Craitor said his decision to announce his candidacy at this time has nothing to do with the recent health issues of Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati (who announced in an open letter this July 23 that he has been diagnosed with classical Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which, he said, “is a treatable illness with almost a 100 per cent cure rate.)

“I wish Jim nothing but well wishes and a speedy recovery,” Craitor said. “I finalized my decision (to rune for mayor) earlier this month and have been getting matters in order to file my nomination papers.”

Craitor  says he has been given a clean bill of health and is ready and looking forward to an energetic campaign.

“Friends kid me about the speed of my golf game; therefore, I am certainly prepared for the rigors of being Mayor.”

For some information on one of Kim Craitor’s more highly applauded achievements as an MPP for the Riding of Niagara Falls, click on – .

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2 responses to “Niagara Falls City Councillor and Former MPP Kim Craitor Is Running For Mayor of Rainbow City

  1. Kim Craitor, I most certainly would like to see you replace Jim Diodati but I confess, I have one issue that is really niggling at me. Why on earth did you approve Helen Chang’s development at Thundering Waters after years of alluding to be a defender of Niagara’s Provincially Significant Wetlands and their adjacent forests and savannahs? You left Councilors Carolynn Ioannoni and Wayne Campbell holding the bag. Respectfully, that flip flop has damaged your credibility. “A man is only is good as his word.”


  2. Hi Carla,

    Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your passion on this and other local issues over the years. I did make contact with a number of residents after the May 8th meeting. My apologies for not directly speaking to you.

    As you know, I certainly struggled with the Riverfront Community issue when it came to Council on May 8th. I met with everyone I could, on both sides of the issue, and had extensive meetings with City Planning staff.

    Unfortunately, the lands in question have been slated for urban development since the 1970’s. They were actually zoned industrial, which meant that a factory could go in with minimal approvals. The May decision puts a number of protections in place: it puts a “development hold” in place until numerous conditions are met by the developer, protection of the Provincially Significant Wetlands (PSW’s) is strengthened with a change to Environmental Protection (EP) zoning, and various provisions have been included to protect and enhance natural heritage features and native species.

    As indicated that evening, my vote in favour was based on what I perceived to be 27 conditions that the developer would have to meet and abide by to proceed further.

    At the last Council meeting, I was disappointed to learn that these conditions were mere recommendations. As a result, I, along with Councillors Campbell and Ioannoni, voted against the related by-law. Subsequently, as you may know, there has been an appeal to the Land Planning Act Tribunal (former OMB).

    Rest assured, my support of the project is contingent on those 27 recommendations being followed and I will be vigilant in arguing that nothing proceeds unless those conditions are fulfilled.

    – Kim Craitor


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