St. Catharines Regional Council Candidate Mo Al Jumaily Joins Growing Chorus of Calls for Niagara CAO Carmen D’Angelo’s Firing

Are Our Regional Councillors Across Niagara Getting The Message Yet?

At Long Last, Do The Right Thing For Your Constituents And Our Region, And Shred This Guy’s Contract!

A Brief Foreword by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted July 21st, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Region’s CAO Carmen D’Angelo under fire again

Since Ontario’s Ombudsman released a detailed report this past July 18th – a report that, among other things, named Niagara Region’s CAO Carmen D’Angelo, along with the regional council’s chair Al Calsin, for playing lead roles last December in the illegal seizure of a St. Catharines Standard reporter’s computer and notes, followed by his expulsion from Niagara’s regional headquarters – calls from citizens and political representatives and candidates for the resignation or firing of both men have been mounting.

Every time I go back to my In Box there are more, and I can’t keep posting each and every one of them.

But the following one from Mo Al Jumaily, a Niagara citizen and now acandidate for St. Catharines regional councillor seat, deserves special mention because Mo Al Jumaily was also at Niagara regional headquarters as a citizen observer on December 7th, 2017 when the computer and notes of St. Catharines Standard reporter Bill Sawchuk were wrongfully seized by regional officials.

He has also had a solid record over the past three or more years of acting above and beyond the call of duty for any citizen in our Niagara region and actually attending regional council meetings, and has even made presentations to the council on matters of concern to many of us.

Mo Al Jumaily – at one of numerous Niagara regional council meetings  he has attended as a citizen in recent years – speaking out to the council on an issue of public concern. Photo by Emily Beth Spanton

So here is Mo Al Jumaily’s statement on the Niagara CAO matter, followed by a list of email addresses for all Niagara regional councillors and mayors who sit on the council, that you should use to demand the firing of D’Angelo too – 

From Mo Al Jumaily

“As a fellow citizen who is  seeking to represent you at Niagara regional council, I expect our CAO Mr. Carmen D’Angelo to do the right thing and submit his resignation papers this Monday morning (July 23rd). We are past apologies and I’m eager to see solid action take place.”

Mo Al Jumaily, Niagara resident and candidate for St. Catharines regional council seat, joins call for CAO’s resignation

Here also is an excerpt from Mo Al Jumaily’s candidate materials for the coming October 22nd municipal election. Niagara At Large will post his information in full in the days ahead.

“I’m ‘Mo Al Jumaily and I’ve been living in St. Catharines for 12 years. To me, St. Catharines is more than just a city, it’s a place that I call home. Here, I have grown up with memories, achievements, and have established myself within our community. Kindness and compassion are the first words that come to mind every time I think of St. Catharines. 

Back in November of 2015, Paris was hit by horrible terrorist attacks. Here in St. Catharines, I was very upset by how terrorists attacked democracy and freedom.

My disappointment drove me to show support for our democratic values by condemning their cowardly actions. I did so by holding a sign and standing at the corner of Scott and Geneva Streets in St. Catharines.

Mo Al Jumaily receiving waves and honks of support in St. Catharines in 2015 while holding up a peace sign for victims of a Paris, France terrorist attack.

When I was a little kid, my mom and my dad taught my younger siblings and me that everyone has the right to live in peace without harassment or discrimination, regardless of race, gender,or physical attributes. For that reason, my disappointment led me to hold that sign showing my condolences to the victims of those tragic and senseless attacks.

Within minutes of holding that sign, I was impressed by how kind and compassionate the people of St. Catharines are. They were waving at me in support of what I was doing. I even got hugs from some wonderful ladies who saw hope and were impressed by my love of peace. 

Since then, I have been motivated to start looking for ways to give back and serve our friends and our neighbours in our community. I managed to get involved by volunteering my time in St. Catharines/ Niagara. 

I volunteer at the Kristen French Child Advocacy Center and sit on the board of directors of Crime Stoppers of Niagara. I’m also a member and

A volunteer at the Merritton Legion Branch 138 and the co-chair of the membership committee.

I volunteer regularly by carrying a naloxone kit and touring the downtown area to see if anyone is suffering an overdose. Earlier this year I enjoyed volunteering at the Rankin Cancer Run in St. Catharines. 

I’m throwing my hat in the ring to show respect for our tax dollars and to ensure Niagara remains a welcoming place for everyone. I’m asking for your vote and offering my youth, energy, and enthusiasm to represent you at regional council. 

I’m very excited to earn your support and look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail. Together, we will bring leadership to regional council.”

A Footnote from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper –

Okay, so that was far more of Mo Al Jumaily’s campaign material than I was planning to post at this time. But it is interesting material, isn’t it?

We need caring and energenic new people like this on our regional and local municipal councils, don’t we? Damn right we do!

Finally, here is that list of email addresses for the current Niagara regional councillors and mayors.

Do yourselves and our region a favour and urge them, in no uncertain terms, to end the three year contact the Region signed with Carmen D’Angelo in 2016 NOW!

To read the Ontario Ombudsman’s report on the December 7th, 2017 assault on press freedom inside Niagara’s regional council headquarters, click on .

I urge you to read a great editorial in The Globe and Mail on this issue, re-posted this July 21st in Niagara At Large, by clicking on .

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


2 responses to “St. Catharines Regional Council Candidate Mo Al Jumaily Joins Growing Chorus of Calls for Niagara CAO Carmen D’Angelo’s Firing

  1. It would be better for Carmen to walk away from this mess before he is tossed.


  2. Thanks for making me aware of this principled young man. We need your voice, Doug. Keep up the good work.


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