Ontario PC Party Leader Doug Ford and 19 other PC Candidates Win Support of Prominent Anti-Choice Group

Niagara West-Glanbrook PC Party Candidate Sam Oosterhoff Among Those Winning Group’s Support

A News Release from the Ontario New Democratic Party

Posted June 1st, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford is one of 20 PC Party candidates ‘Campaign Life’ anti-choice forces are supporting in this provincial election.

The Campaign Life Coalition has posted its Candidate Report Cards and Doug Ford’s candidates have earned top marks – with several saying they would end funding for medical care that provides women with reproductive choice.

After replying to the anti-choice organization’s survey and meeting with its supporters, 11 of Doug Ford’s candidates have the full nod of approval for opposing women’s reproductive right to choose.

The remaining nine, including Doug Ford, earned a passing grade by the antichoice organization based on their feedback.

The Conservative candidates supported by the anti-choice organization include:

  • Doug Ford – Etobicoke North
  • Belinda Karahalios – Cambridge
  • Monte McNaughton – Lambton-Kent-Middlesex
  • Sam Oosterhoff – Niagara-West
  • David Piccini – Northumberland-Peterborough South
  • Andrew Lawton – London-West
  • Paul Calandra – Markham–Stouffville
  • Billy Pang – Markham–Unionville
  • Brandon Postuma – Thunder Bay-Atikokan
  • Roshan Nallaratnam – Scarborough-Guildwood
  • Christina Mitas – Scarborough Centre
  • Daisy Wai – Richmond Hill
  • Adam Pham – Parkdale-High Park
  • Greg Rickford – Kenora-Rainy River
  • Will Bouma – Brantford–Brant
  • Mary Henein Thorn – Kitchener-Centre
  • Parm Gill – Milton
  • Stephen Crawford – Oakville
  • Iris Yu – Spadina-Fort York
  • Dan Weber – Waterloo

While Conservative candidates varied in their responses, many supported ending the public funding for women’s choice.

Source: https://www.campaignlifecoalition.com/compare-candidates/viewlist/level/mpp/province/on

Doug Ford: It’s 2018. 

Why do you and nineteen of your candidates support taking away women’s rights?

An Afterword from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper –

Let me start by stressing that I have no problem with anyone who has strong beliefs against having an abortion, even if they knowingly and willingly place their own lives at risk  going through with a pregnancy.

That is their personal choice. Just don’t try to impose your beliefs on everyone else, and there are groups on both sides of the Canada/U.S border crusading to do just that.

These groups typically insist on being identified as “right to life,” “pro-life,” “campaign life” or something else in a spirit like that, which is a gross misnomer.

What these groups mostly are is anti-abortion or, as the NDP media release above puts it, anti-choice as in; ‘I’ve made a choice to campaign for government legislation that takes other people’s right to choose away.’

Not that someone can’t be anti-abortion and be a right-to-life or pro-life campaigner too. For example, at least every head of the Catholic Church in my lifetime, going back as far as the 1960s and right up to and including Pope Francis, has taken a strong stance against abortion, and have also taken strong stands against capital punishment and war making, and have been strong advocates for eliminating the causes of poverty and starvation, for protecting water, air and other life-sustain resources on our planet for present and future generations.

Now, whether you agree with that more all-embracing, right-to-life stance or not, at least it is consistent. It is truly pro-life. It is campaigning for a healthy life, not just for humans, but for all living beings on this planet – well beyond the fetus stage.

In all due respect for the candidates listed above who, in some cases, may be more in light with the more encompassing pro-life stance of  Pope Francis or the like, I highly doubt that this is what this so-called ‘Campaign Life’ group has in mind with its endorsement of Ford and 19 other Ontario PC Party candidates here.

As for those who support a pro-choice position, that in no way means pro-abortion. I don’t know about you, but I have never ever met or heard about one woman who has put having an abortion on their bucket list of things to do in their life. 

The reasons women resort to terminating a pregnancy are often  for reasons that are tragic or life-threatening – something that the self-righteous crusaders harassing women going in and out of medical clinics ought to give a little more thought to.

And by the way, why is it that more than two-thirds of the candidates on the list above are men?

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


One response to “Ontario PC Party Leader Doug Ford and 19 other PC Candidates Win Support of Prominent Anti-Choice Group

  1. To be clear, these supposed “Pro-Life” supporters do not care if they end abortions, they only want to end safe, legal abortions. Why is it so important for these people to want to control women?


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