Buffalo Area Congressman Pays Tribute to Veteran Western New York Congresswoman Louise Slaughter

Congressman Brian Higgins Praises Louise Slaughter as a “Champion of Progressive Causes” on House Floor where she Service for more than 30 years

A News Release from the Buffalo, New York office of U.S. Congressman Brian Higgins

Posted March 23rd, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Veteran Democrat Congresswoman Louise Slaughter for Western New York was also a good neighbour of communities in Niagara, Ontario.

(The tribute Buffalo, New York area Congressman Brian Higgins delivered this March 22nd comes in the wake of Congresswoman Louis Slaughter’s death at age 88  this past March 16th following a concussion she suffered from falling in her home. Her congressional district, which she represented since 1986, included the Niagara Falls, New York area and stretch east through Rochester. Slaughter had a long and strong record of championing the rights of women and minority groups, and has been highly praised by her colleagues and many  citizens groups for her courage and dedication in doing so.)

Now here is Congressman Higgins’s  News Release –

The Floor of House of Representatives is where Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter stood up with passion and purpose to fight for the good of the community and country she loved, and it is there where, Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26) paid tribute to his Western New York Delegation colleague and friend. 

Below are Rep. Higgins remarks:

Buffalo, New York area Democratic Party Congressman Brian Higgins

“Mr. Speaker, Louise McIntosh Slaughter served the people of Rochester and Monroe County as well as the City of Buffalo in the United States Congress from 1987 until her untimely death last week. 

“Louise Slaughter was a champion of progressive causes and the liberal lioness of the United States Congress.  She knew who she was fighting for, and she knew how to fight.

“For the homeless, the hopeless and the voiceless, Louise Slaughter championed all of their causes because her political ethos was to forever defend the dignity of every citizen.  She never deviated from that cause and reinforced it each and every day on the Floor of this Congress, the institution that she loved. 

“She served as Chair and Ranking Member of the Rules Committee and championed the first $500 million earmark for breast cancer research to the National Institutes of Health and the Violence Against Women Act.  These are among a long list of impressive accomplishments that were championed by Louise Slaughter. 

“Her friends and her family will miss her but her accomplishments will forever be enshrined on this institution representing the people that she loved in Rochester and Monroe County.” 

Congresswoman Slaughter began her over 30-year tenure in Congress in 1986.  Congressman Higgins and Congresswoman Slaughter served together representing Western New York in the House of Representatives for the last 13 years and for several years sharing representation of the City of Buffalo.   Higgins will join other Members of Congress, local and national leaders at the funeral service on Friday honoring the incredible life and work of Rep. Slaughter.

To access Congressman Higgin’s speech click on :

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