Ontario’s NDP is the Real Choice for an ‘Improved Work Life’ for people across the Province

‘Ontario  NDP Leader Andrea Horwath committed to a $15 minimum wage in April 2016 – well before the Province’s Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne did. And Andrea Horwath is ready to implement it — and to close Wynne’s loopholes, which allow some people — like servers — to be paid less than minimum wage.’

A Statement from Welland (Niagara Centre) Riding Riding MPP and Ontario NDP labour critic Cindy Forster

Posted March 16th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Welland, Ontario  – Ontario NDP labour critic MPP Cindy Forster issued the following statement this March 15th: 

Welland (Niagara Centre) Riding MPP Cindy Forster

“Today (March 15th) the Liberal minister of labour (Kevin Flynn) admitted what Ontario families have known for a long time – that the Wynne Liberals didn’t move fast enough to reform outdated labour laws.

Mr. Flynn’s admission … is proof that the Wynne Liberals knew that raising the minimum wage was the right thing to do, but that they waited until election time to do it, anyway – leaving families to struggle because the Wynne Liberals were prioritizing their own political interests. 

No wonder families are feeling cynical. Ontario families are sick of this kind of nonsense.

On the one hand, we have this tired Liberal government which has done nothing to improve the working lives of Ontario families during their 15 years in office, and on the other, we have Doug Ford and the Conservative party, who have promised to roll back the minimum wage increase and cut at least $6.1 billion from the public services that Ontario families count on. He wants to drag Ontario backwards and take things away from people.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  We don’t have to choose between bad and worse when it comes to protecting vulnerable workers across the province. We can replace cynicism with hope. 

Andrea committed to a $15 minimum wage in April 2016. She’s ready to implement it — and to close Wynne’s loopholes, which allow some people — like servers — to be paid less than minimum wage.

Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP brought forward numerous amendments to Bill 148 that would strengthen existing equal pay for equal work provisions. Sadly, the Liberal government teamed up with Conservatives to vote them down.

The amendments include ensuring workers receive permanent job status after three months of employment, capping temp work to 20 per cent of an employer’s workforce, ensuring temp agencies bear the same responsibilities as direct employers if workers are injured on the job, and closing loopholes that allow contract workers to be paid less for doing the same work.

Kathleen Wynne also voted against allowing victims of domestic or sexual violence to take ten paid days leave from their jobs.

And we committed to improve work-life balance with three weeks vacation instead of two, and allowing people to take as many as five sick or personal emergency days without losing any pay.

We need change for the better in Ontario, and when it comes to protecting workers and standing up for the rights of everyday families, Andrea Horwath knows where she stands — before and after an election.”

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders




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