A Citizen Cries Out For The Nature And History Of Fort Erie’s Waverly Beach To Be Spared From ‘Unwise’ Development

The Fort Erie lakefront has been sold to private buyers for a century. To continue this sell out is shameful!’

A Commentary by Fort Erie, Ontario resident Linda McKellar

Posted March 13th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – Last year, the Town of Fort Erie accepted the Comprehensive Waterfront Strategy Plan done by consultants acting for the town and paid for with our taxes.

One of many members of the wildlife community that people cross paths with during hikes through Fort Erie’s Waverly Beach area

The two priority properties identified for public securement in the Strategy Plan were Waverly Beach and Bay Beach – the ONLY two places where public access is more than just a road allowance between miles of private property.

The Fort Erie lakefront has been sold to private buyers for a century. To continue this sell out is shameful! It is very unfortunate that the Town of Fort Erie did not acquire this land. Parklands actually increase property values.

Locals and visitors have family, friends and memories of the Waverly Beach area, some pay taxes to the town and all come to this lovely, serene place to walk their dogs, relax, be in nature and talk to friends and strangers.

Robbing the Fort Erie community of this scarce window to nature is a crime to nature and the citizens. Will it end up like the site of the historic old Crystal Beach Park ?  – A “Gated Village” with no access and its history gone forever!!

If families with children move in, are they aware there is no hospital and that the brand new high school, just opened in September, already has portables?

The area also includes part of the Niagara Recreational Trail – one of the best in Canada, and the Fort Erie section arguably one of the nicest. It is not rare to meet people from all over North America and even Europe, bicycling and walking there. While this small section will remain, if these people want to see a condo, they may as well stay home.

A plaque near the Niagara Recreational Trail, detailing the history of one of the founding meetings, held at the long-gone Erie Beach Hotel, of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), one of America’s major civil rights organization – a meeting that took place more than 100 years ago in Fort Erie, Ontario’s Waverly Beach area.

From the Fort Erie web site – “Waverly Beach offers a little bit of everything for the true nature and history lover with a beautiful view of the Buffalo waterfront, grassy woodland trails, benches, a sand beach and the remains of historic Erie Beach Park”………. It fails to mention a condo! It also fails to mention the great historical significance.

Nobody is against development but it must be done wisely and in the best interests of the people. This development has been proceeding at a very rapid pace.

SLOW DOWN and do it right.

ALL Fort Erie Councillors will hopefully want to do what is best for the VOTERS of Fort Erie (in this election year), not for a developer.

Development IN any community should bring with it responsibility TO the community!

All who love Waverly Beach and Woods should support this cause and contact their councillor.

We need to be heard. We want what is best for our town.

Linda McKellar is a Town of Fort Erie resident and retired nurse who has frequently shared commentary with Niagara At Large. The views she shares in this commentary are her own and are not necessarily shared by other individuals or groups in the town.

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders



2 responses to “A Citizen Cries Out For The Nature And History Of Fort Erie’s Waverly Beach To Be Spared From ‘Unwise’ Development

  1. I feel I must add a note about the other archeological aspect of the area. This is the site of the Siege of Fort Erie in 1814, a siege that kept Canada under Britain. This was the major military action by Canada prior to WW1 and the site of the greatest number of battle deaths on Canadian soil in our history. Many of the dead lie in unmarked graves yet to be found and are very possibly in this area. A comprehensive and independent archeological survey must be done and made public so these resting places are not desecrated as some unfortunately were at Snake Hill in 1987, a place just yards from this area.


  2. Strange I came across this today, i went for a walk down at Waverly Beach earlier today, I was the only person then, so I spent sometime reading and the information about it’s past and took some photos. It’s a very important part of the areas History that really should be preserved in someway.
    I come from the UK and we like our History, it’s what defines us. Sadly I tend to find all to often that in Canada you simply rip down the History for more unnecessary Housing or Business that to be honest could be located in many other places that would not frustrate residents.
    Keep your History, once it’s gone, you can’t have it back.
    Look at Crystal Beach, a lot of homes behind a locked gate. Depressing.


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