Town of Pelham Wins Two Prestigious ‘Festival and Events Ontario’ Awards

A News Release from the Town of Pelham in Niagara, Ontario

Posted March 7th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Pelham, Ontario For the fourth consecutive year, the Town of Pelham’s signature event, Summerfest, is one of FEO’s top-100 festivals and events.

Pelham’s Summerfest wins Ontario Award for one of province’s best annual festivals

At their gala on March 2, 2018, Festivals and Events Ontario (FEO) awarded Pelham with another significant honour, recognizing the investment to go green at the Thursday Night Supper Market with the Best Greening Festival/Event.

To be considered for this award, entries were required to demonstrate efforts made to ensure earth-friendly practices are carried out throughout the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the event. 

“These two awards speak to the dedication of our staff, volunteers, generous sponsors, enthusiastic vendors, and the thousands of people who enjoy Pelham’s events,” said Mayor Dave Augustyn. “It’s gratifying and much appreciated to be honoured by FEO; our community continues to thrive because of vibrant and innovative events like these.”

Summerfest, growing year over year since its inception, offers four days of free, family fun during the third weekend in July. This year, Summerfest was one of only four regional events recognized in the top 100. 

This year, Summerfest will take place July 19 -22.

Summerfest 2017 in Town of Pelham in Niagara, Ontario

The Thursday Night Supper Market, recognized for its green initiatives, diverted 395 kg of recyclable material, 1,419 kg of organic material, and refilled 1,200 reusable water bottles.

Additionally, 12 vendors received Go Green rebates, provided to vendors who utilized compostable serving materials and recycling materials.

Patrons were also encouraged to shuttle (161 users) or ride their bikes (141 bikes valeted) to reduce environmental impact.

The Supper market, part of the Thursday Night Experience along with the farmers’ market and bandshell concerts, runs throughout the summer, beginning in June.

Throughout the year the Town of Pelham hosts several other great events. You can learn more by visiting:

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