NPCA Spent More Than $146,000 Of Our Public Tax Dollars In Its Failed Court Action Against Private Citizen Ed Smith

BREAKING NEWS from Doug Draper, reporter/publisher, Niagara At Large

Posted January 24th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Niagara citizen Ed Smith finally saw the lawsuits the NPCA and its former CAO Carmen D’Angelo filed against him dismissed by an Ontario court judge this past November. St. Catharines city council was among parties wanting to know how much those failed lawsuits cost area tax payers.

After weeks of pressure from Niagara area citizens, municipal councillors and area MPPs to release the figures, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s board of directors finally voted this January 24th to disclose how much it spent in its attempt to sue St. Catharines/Niagara resident Ed Smith.

The figure the NPCA disclosed is $146,757 – an amount that comes from a budget largely funded by  municipal tax dollars the Conservation Authority gets from Niagara’s 12 local municipalities, and taxpayers in the City of Hamilton and the Haldimand County area.

That amount – most of it ultimately coming from the pockets of municipal taxpayers – is in addition to another $130,000 Ontario Judge James Ramsay recently ordered the NPCA to pay Smith to cover his costs in the court case.

That makes for a total of more than a quarter of a millons of our tax dollars, and NAL will leave it to someone else to estimate how many trees could be planted in conservation areas across the region for that amount of money.

This past November 2017, Judge Ramsay ruled against defamation suits filed against Ed Smith, a retired Canadian Armed Forces officer, by the NPCA and its former CAO (and now CAO of Niagara’s regional government) Carmen D’Angelo.

The lawsuits were initiated by the NPCA board, made up mostly of area mayors and regional councillors appointed by Al Caslin’s regional government administration in the wake of Smith circulating a document listing concerns and questions about the way senior managers and board at the NPCA are spending millions of dollars of our tax money.

More on this latest development and Ed Smith’s response to it later in Niagara At Large. Stay tuned.

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3 responses to “NPCA Spent More Than $146,000 Of Our Public Tax Dollars In Its Failed Court Action Against Private Citizen Ed Smith

  1. Thanks Doug, for the breaking news … well ahead of other press in Niagara.

    A Brief Note from NAL reporter Doug Draper – Thanks for the kind words Gail. Actually, it might be more accurate to say well ahead of most other media ….. I believe that CKTB actually may have been the very first to report this, but I am happy for the compliment, and thanks for reading Niagara At Large


  2. Gary Screaton Page

    Power corrupts! Fortunately, not always so. Whenever it does, however, citizens with courage to stand up and hold those with “power” accountable, citizens like Ed Smith. He wouldn’t be pushed around and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority paid the price for its bullying. Sadly, those most responsible for this lack of success on the part of NPCA are not made to pay the price. Not yet anyway.

    The taxpayers will fit the bill for the NPCA lack of good judgement and its further attempts to bully Ed Smith. Wise taxpayers will remember this next election and vote out each and every one on the NPCA. What goes around, comes around.

    “No! No! They’ll all have to go!”


  3. Annunziata told Fort Erie Council that it was not likely the amount would be reported to the public because it was bundled with other legal fees. Just more b.s. from a man who is a bully.
    And he does not accept the Court’s judgment on the unethical suit against Smith. Personally I hope Sandy leaves.


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