Patients Suffer As Ontario Government’s Attempts To Put A Bandage on a ‘Health-Care Crisis’ of its Creation – Ontario’s NDP Leader

“I am committed to stable hospital funding that, at a minimum, matches the rate of inflation plus population growth, and that meets the unique needs of each community.” – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath

News from the Ontario New Democratic Party

Posted November 10th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath issued the following statement regarding the Patient Ombudsman’s report, released today:

“Ontario’s first Patient Ombudsman report gives us a hint about the systemic issues that are plaguing health care in Ontario and impacting patients.

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath

During their 14 years in power, the Liberals have amassed a wait list for seniors care that’s more than 32,000-people long. We have sick people in this province being treated in hospital hallways, shower rooms and lounges. The gridlock in our hospitals is causing long waits and confusion over discharges – and that’s evident in the Ombudsman’s report, which reported discharges, alternate level of care and homecare services concerns more than any others.

The last Conservative government cut 6,000 nurses, closed 28 hospitals and slashed 7,000 hospital beds.  The Wynne Liberals let us down with further cuts and years of budget freezes – including short-changing hospitals by $300 million in this year’s budget alone.

Most Ontarians don’t know yet about the new Patient Ombudsman Office – yet the Ombudsman heard from more than 2,000 families who had serious concerns with Ontario’s health care system. Ontario has some of the best health care professionals in the world, and they’re caring people doing the best they can with the resources they have. But the cuts have been so deep that the government is now scrambling to put on a bandage the crisis they created.

It does not have to be this way. Ontario families need to be able to count on our health care system.

That’s why I am committed to stable hospital funding that, at a minimum, matches the rate of inflation plus population growth, and that meets the unique needs of each community. An NDP government will implement a moratorium on the firing of any more frontline health care workers, and will launch a broad inquiry into the state of our long-term care system to find and fix the issues we know are affecting the health, dignity and even the safety of our parents and grandparents.”

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One response to “Patients Suffer As Ontario Government’s Attempts To Put A Bandage on a ‘Health-Care Crisis’ of its Creation – Ontario’s NDP Leader

  1. I wonder how many politicians are being paid off by lobbyists to get a two tier system. I am currently waiting at least a year for surgery – NEXT fall. I know others in the same situation. I won’t die, but why is this occurring? When the government knows funds and staff are needed, they cut funds and staff. That tells me that they are “A” – idiots or “B” – wish to create a crisis. I choose “B”. This is all about money folks, not about health care.

    More and more people are beginning to go to the US to avoid wait times. I can’t afford to do so. This is embarrassing and, I think, exactly what some politicians on BOTH sides of the border want to see. That way our government can save funds to WASTE elsewhere. Insurance companies can keep screwing their own citizens in the US by skewing the appropriate stats and telling them Canada’s system is awful and thus eventually move into Canada and do the same to us. WE ARE LETTING IT HAPPEN! Nobody cares or acts until it bites THEM in the ass. Then it’s too late. How many will actually read this topic? Oh, just another complaint about health care. How many readers have contacted their MP’s or MPP’s or protested? FLOOD them with complaints! Are we idiots? They think so.

    If you study the implementation of universal health care in Canada decades ago, all of these tactics and propaganda were used then and they are giving them another try. They never do mention US medical tourism to places like Dubai or India because insurers deny procedures, they are too costly or someone reaches their limit. Of course private US hospitals are like hotels – IF you can afford them. They also never mention that many Canadians treated in the US are snowbirds who go south for the winter and, being elderly, have a greater chance of illness, or are those for whom the nearest centre for border towns when time is of the essence, is often in the US. How convenient that these factors are ignored. Still the percentage of Canadians going to the US for care is about 1%.

    I used to be proud of our health care system but find it increasingly difficult to be so. It worked for decades. Why does it suddenly not work as it did? Top heavy on pencil pushers, more government cuts on our most vital social programme, waste, incompetence and, most important, a not too hidden agenda….”for profit two tier” on the backs of the elderly, poor and sick. Not unlike in the US, if you are wealthy you can buy health care like Premier Williams of Newfoundland did. That special snowflake didn’t want to wait with the unwashed masses for a procedure developed and perfected at TGH. If you’re a government employee in the US (Senators/Congressmen) you are automatically covered yet they claim it’s not good enough for the average citizen. Bull!

    We still spend less per capita on health care than in the US and everyone is covered so we’re still doing better. It’s called wholesale versus retail….same product….lower cost.

    According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) in 2016, the US spent $4197 PUBLIC dollars per capita and Canada $3074. The US spends more public money for health care that Canada, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, Japan, Australia and New Zealand and yet has a lower life expectancy than EVERY ONE of those countries. The US also spends the most PRIVATE dollars on health care, $4516 vs $561 in the UK and $1277 in Canada, yet currently 44 million are totally uninsured and 38 million underinsured. The biggest cost of US bankruptcy is health care at @47%. Most of our health outcomes are very similar. One example, cystic fibrosis patients in Canada have a life expectancy of 50. In the US, 40.

    Obviously, in spite of our problems, we must not go to the US system. The government needs to take responsibility for that which public polls agree is our most valued social asset – health care. Fewer military jets, fewer government perks and ludicrous pensions (like the useless blobs who occasionally attend their posts in the antiquated Senate), taxing hidden assets of the rich and putting our priorities in order.


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