Message from Niagara Area MPP& Ontario NDP to Province’s Premier – Settle College Strike ASAP!

Open Letter from NDP MPPs Peggy Sattler and Cindy Forster to Premier Kathleen Wynne on college labour dispute

Posted October 23rd, 2017 on Niagara At Large

College faculty across Ontario on strike. More than half a million students out of class.

Queen’s Park, Ontario — This past Friday, October 20th,   ND P critic for Advanced Education and Skills Development Peggy Sattler and NDP Labour critic Cindy Forster released the following open letter to Premier Katheen Wynne regarding the labour dispute at colleges throughout Ontari

To Premier Kathleen Wynne, Legislative Building, Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario

Dear Premier:

College faculty and over 500,000 Ontario students are disappointed by your inaction as we approach the second week of the labour dispute at colleges throughout the province.

Students and their families remain in limbo, wondering if their semester will be condensed and if they will be able to complete their program requirements. For those attending college away from home, this uncertainty creates even more anxiety. All the while, college faculty are fighting for fair wages and job security—working conditions that every Ontarian deserves.

Welland Rding MPP Cindy Forster

Premier, years of underfunding by your Liberal government have strained finances at colleges throughout Ontario and sharply increased the use of temporary, contract, and part-time instructors. Ontario now ranks last among all Canadian provinces in government per-student funding for universities and colleges. Post-secondary institutions continue to raise tuition fees to the maximum each year in order to mitigate this decline in public funding. 

Throughout your government’s 15 years in office, large class sizes became normalized at colleges throughout Ontario, with more and more classes taught by part-time or contract faculty. Students know that excessive use of contract faculty – who often string together multiple courses without any job security or benefits, and may not have access to institutional teaching resources – has a negative impact on the classroom.

Premier, your Liberal government created the conditions for this labour dispute to occur.  With these issues having reached a tipping point, it is simply unacceptable that you will not act now.  New Democrats back the call of eight student associations in urging your government to take immediate steps to bring both sides back to the bargaining table so that a settlement that ensures fairness for faculty and students can be reached.

We urge you to act immediately.


Peggy Sattler, MPP London West, Advanced Education and Skills Development Critic              

Cindy Forster, MPP Welland, Labour, Fairness and Work Critic

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2 responses to “Message from Niagara Area MPP& Ontario NDP to Province’s Premier – Settle College Strike ASAP!

  1. Having spent several years in Community Colleges in Ontario and reading recently about a proposed astronomical wage increase for the hierarchy leaves me a taxpayer wondering about the sanity of the Boards of Directors?
    Correct me if I am wrong but if I remember correctly that proposed raise was in the range of $80,000 attached to an already substantial remuneration. The Original purpose of these colleges was the training in skills that would enable ” our” people to grow and sustain themselves in an economy starving for Skilled technicians. What these college have turned out to be are for profit business with the encouragement of government to expend through out the world and example of this Saudi Arabia where human rights are not available to the majority of the working poor.


  2. Job security improves the quality of education. This is a no brainer. Contract jobs are so counter productive. Do what is the right thing for students. Settle this strike ASAP.


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