One WONDER-FUL Moment in Trumpland – Stevie Wonder Takes to His Knees for His Own Country, For Social Justice, and For the World!

A Brief Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted September 24th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

When I finally had the great experience of seeing Stevie Wonder in concert with his then great band Wonderlove in1983, he lived up to every feeling I ever had for him as a living, breathing spirit for love, peace and justice for all.

Stevie Wonder lived up to that feeling again this past Saturday, September 23rd when, before his performance at a ‘Global Citizens Concert’ in New York City’s Central Park, he got down on his knees in solidary with National Football players who have done the same during pre-game singings of the national anthem, all in protest of disproportionate numbers of police shootings and arrests of people of colour – NFL players who America’s hater-in-chief, Donald Trump used a recent rally in racist State of Alabama as ‘sons of bitches’ who show no respect for their country’s flag, and should be fired!

“Tonight, I’m taking a knee for America,” said Stevie as countless hundreds of thousands watched the televised concert. “Not just one knee. I’m taking both knees. … Both knees in prayer for our planet, our future, our leaders of our world, and our globe. Amen.”

In this world gone too mad, in that moment, you added a little sunshine to our lives Stevie!

Click on the following to watch – if you have not already seen it – this special moment yourself  –

.As for Trump, it has become tiring to a point of being infuriating, reading and watching political pundits and others in the mainstream media dancing around whether or not the hater-in-chief is a racist.

This is an individual who decades ago, along with his creepy, steely-eyed dad, worked actively to remove people of colour as tenants from buildings they purchased in the Manhattan area; who spent the better part of eight years working to delegitimize Barack Obama as the first black American to win the presidency by shamelessly pushing lies that Obama was born in Africa; and who refused to fully condemn neo-Nazis and other white supremacists marching and terrorizing people of colour and Jewish people in their place of worship in Charlottesville, Virginia this summer – even saying there were some “very fine people” among these torch-bearing marchers.

Yet there is a whole stadium of hate-filled bigots in an Alabama that (with the exception of one very special recording studio in Muscle Shoals) in known around the world for its history of violent racism, cheering this individual on as he fires out words like ‘son of bitches’ and ‘they should be fired’ at athletes participating in a non-violent protest’ where he knows that the majority of athletes in the NFL (reportedly more than 70 per cent of them) are black.

Why don’t these same bigots ask why Trump doesn’t come down just as hard on the Russian operatives U.S. intelligence agencies know hacked and interfered in last year’s presidential elections? When it comes to respect for flag and country, why aren’t they asking how Trump managed to avoid serving in the military when tens-of-thousands of other Americans his age were fighting and dying in Vietnam?

They don’t seem to be the least bit interested in asking questions like that as they go on screaming for jail time for Hillary Clinton, which leaves me asking this.

How can anyone with any brains or values and concern for the future of this planet and all who live on it go on supporting this dangerous, hate-filled monster?

Some Trump supporters

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders



3 responses to “One WONDER-FUL Moment in Trumpland – Stevie Wonder Takes to His Knees for His Own Country, For Social Justice, and For the World!

  1. Ever more grateful to live in Canada. Just luck, mainly…as it is with other benefits.
    I am also fearful Trump might vaporize innocent humans in NK who aren’t so lucky.
    I recall the wisdom of Ayn Rand who said that morality ends where a gun begins. I doubt if Donsky Trumpsky has knows who she is.


  2. I hate to malign someone’s appearance… but….that photo does not surprise me. All that kid needs is a banjo….and this from a banjo player!!! Very sad to teach someone to hate so young but they have to learn sometime I suppose.


    I asked Molly, who is eight and plays serveral sports, WHAT IT MEANS TO “TAKE A KNEE”…Her Answer; “It is what you are supposed to do when someone is hurt. It shows that you care, and that you want them to get better, or be Okay”.

    I then asked her what she thought it meant that some of the players on the Ravens knelt during the National Anthem….Her response: “I guess they think that our country is hurt, and they are hoping that it will get better”.

    Maybe the problem is not the lack of respect.
    Maybe you are choosing not to see that these are men who are saying that our country is hurting, and they are hoping it gets better……Wisdom from the lips of a child.


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