Welcoming Wellspring Home, To Pelham!

‘For individuals and families impacted by cancer, Wellspring Niagara stands as a beacon of light and a rainbow of hope.’

A Guest Column from Pelham Mayor Dave Augustyn

Posted September 22nd, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – On behalf of Pelham Town Council, it was my honour and privilege to participate in the special groundbreaking for a new home for Wellspring Niagara earlier this September.

Groundbreaking ceremony for Wellspring’s new home in Pelham/Niagara. Photo courtesy of Town of Pelham

Wellspring Niagara’s exceptional services are well known across the Peninsula. For more than 16 years their dedicated volunteers and staff have provided free social, emotional, psychological and informational support to people coping with cancer.

Wellspring receives no government funding and relies entirely on donations so that every dollar raised in Niagara, stays in Niagara. For individuals and families impacted by cancer, Wellspring stands as a beacon of light and a rainbow of hope – as one speaker said on Tuesday.

The Wellspring board, staff, and volunteers embody a spirit of generosity and sacrifice at a critical time in people’s lives. They have provided this amazing support from a very small space – a mere 2,000 square feet on Schmon Parkway in Thorold – which was meant to be temporary In the fall of 2013, Council and I learned that Wellspring needed to move but could not find a suitable location for a new facility.

Town Council discussed how incorporating Wellspring into Pelham matched our vision of being a vibrant, creative, and caring community. We recognized that offering a Pelham location provided the best way to show our caring nature. Therefore, we immediately and unanimously embraced Wellspring.

In addition to the use of the land, the Board recognized East Fonthill as a central location in the Niagara Peninsula and the synergy of other developments nearby – a potential Community Centre, medical centre, and retail – and natural features.

By the spring of 2014, we signed a memorandum of understanding to give use of up to two acres a land in East Fonthill for as long as Wellspring Niagara operates their Niagara Cancer Support Centre.

We also named the street “Wellspring Way” to highlight the location and our commitment. This past May we signed a long-term lease, thereby donating the perpetual use this land – and approved their exceptional site plan for their 11,000 square foot facility which will offer a home-like feel and make full use of the property.

It’s so important for everyone in the Peninsula that Wellspring has a new home to continue to provide welcoming and safe supports and encouragement for individuals and families affected by the many challenges of cancer.

Pelham Council and Staff are delighted and honoured to partner with Wellspring and we offer them our best wishes and congratulations on the groundbreaking and fundraising success to date.

May Wellspring’s spirit of generosity and sacrifice deepen and may their “beacon of light” shine even brighter in their new home. “Welcome to Pelham. Welcome home!”

_ Click here for TVCogeco Niagara video of Wellspring Niagara groundbreaking:

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