Niagara’s first confirmed case of West Nile Virus

News from regional Niagara’s Public Health Department

Posted August 28th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – Niagara Region Public Health has received its first laboratory-confirmed case of West Nile Virus for 2017.

Although most people infected with West Nile Virus do not get sick, 20 per cent of people suffer flu-like symptoms and fatigue, and one per cent suffer serious infections of the brain such as meningitis. Fever, severe headache, body aches, neck stiffness, confusion, weakness, tremors, and sudden sensitivity to light are the most common symptoms of severe infection. Anyone suffering these should see a physician.

To reduce the risk of being exposed to West Nile Virus, Public Health advises the following to prevent mosquito bites:

  • Drain standing water around the home where mosquitoes may breed (e.g., bird baths, plant saucers, tires, toys, pails, and wheel barrows)
  • Repair damaged doors and window screens
  • Avoid mosquito-infested areas
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts, hats, long pants, socks and shoes that cover the feet. This is particularly important at dawn and in the evenings when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Use insect repellants containing Deet or Icaridin. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Residents with inquiries about mosquito bite prevention can call 905-688-8248 or 1-888-505-6074, ext. 7767. Further information concerning West Nile Virus illness and how to reduce the risk of infection can be found online at

A Brief Footnote from Niagara At Large – This news comes less than two weeks after research, forecasting a possible “epidemic” of West Nile Virus in Ontario this year, made national headlines following its release by Brock University.

To read that report from Brock University, posted on Niagara At Large earlier this August, click on – .

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One response to “Niagara’s first confirmed case of West Nile Virus

  1. And Helen Chang of GR(CAN) Investment Co. Ltd. along with Niagara Falls Mayor, Jim Diodati and a host of investors from China (note China’s abysmal environmental track record) want to see the environmentally unconscionable and shortsighted development ironically called “Paradise” to come to fruition on Niagara’s Provincially Significant Wetlands known as Thundering Waters forest, a natural habitat for mosquitoes which are a significant food source for the area’s bat population. Surely, the first thing Helen and Jim will want to do is (regularly) spray the entire area with pesticides. How else could one reside comfortably, or even safely, next to a wetland? Paradise must not be allowed to proceed for this and a huge host of other compelling reasons exhaustively articulated by academic and citizen protestors.


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