Conservative President Swears Under Oath Ontario PC Nomination Results Don’t Matter

What’s the point of holding a nomination meeting in Niagara?

A Commentary from the Ontario Liberal Party

Posted July 14th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – Amid accusations from PC Party Members and former executive members that Patrick Brown’s PC Party is stuffing ballot boxes and fixing nomination meetings, Rick Dykstra, the President of the PC Party, submitted sworn testimony to a court highlighting the contempt Brown’s PC Party has for their own party members and their nomination process.

Ontario PC Party president and former St. Catharines Harper/Conservative MP Rick Dykstra

In an affidavit obtained and reported on by the CBC, Mr. Dykstra (a former federal Conservative MP for St. Catharines) admitted that Conservative nominations don’t actually matter, with PC Leader Patrick Brown hand-picking his party’s nominees and bypassing hard-working nomination candidates, like Mike Strange, Dan Sadler, and Nick Lauwers.

“The nomination meeting is not determinative of who will ultimately be listed on the ballot as a PC party candidate in the general election… There is no requirement in the Election Act, the Constitution or the rules that the party leader must endorse, or can only endorse the nomination contestant who is successful at the nomination meeting.” – Rick Dykstra, CBC News, July 10, 2017. 

This sworn affidavit makes a mockery of promises made by Patrick Brown about the PC nomination process, claiming, “I want to make sure that our nominations are transparent, fair and democratic.” (Media Availability; May 11, 2017).

Shockingly, it is in that same affidavit, CBC reports, the PC Party used “demographic analysis” rather than the votes of the party membership to deny the party nomination to a candidate who happens to wear a turban. 

Selling Conservative party memberships, holding a nomination and taking money from people who think that they have a vote, and then endorsing the party leader’s choice instead is not the definition of transparency, fairness or democracy. It’s just the opposite.

Ontario PC leader and former Harper government operative Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown has also repeatedly expressed his trust in Rick Dykstra and his process saying, “The party president, the party executive director, run a very fair, transparent process.” (Media Availability; May 4, 2017).  However, Rick Dykstra and Bob Stanley’s recent controversies with PC nominations have been the exact opposite.

The PC party has approximately 45 more nominations that will be held prior to the 2018 election, including in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, and Flamborough—Glanbrook; but based on the PC President Rick Dykstra’s revelations, the entire PC nomination process is a scam.

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One response to “Conservative President Swears Under Oath Ontario PC Nomination Results Don’t Matter

  1. This truly sounds like HARPER POLITICS and Brown was a back bencher in HARPER’S goon squad, Plus the fact that he openingly stated he is an ardent admirer of HARPER which seems to indicate he admires the tactics HARPER used in INITIATING A “PARTY of ONE” scenario as described so passionately by Journalist Michael Harris in his revealing novel “PARTY of ONE”.
    Shades of the last election farce in ONTARIO when the CORPORATE LIBERALS retained power on the strength of BOUGHT VOTES (Teachers) and the threat of a VERY RIGHT WING CORPORATE PARTY whose leader was HUDAk..
    It should be added that the NDP was lost in a limbo of confussion with a PLATFORM that did not stir the imagination of the Electorate which cause them, the NDP, to lose ground and too many good NDP/MPP lost their seats and may be their faith?

    The NDP seems to have woke up and are revitalized and if they continue to be progressive they stand a good chance of shaking up the ONTARIO POLITICAL SCENE.

    WYNNE? OMG There is no way this province can afford this PARTY and if they manage to buy enough VOTES……… WHO KINOWS? If that happens it it time to leave Ontario and maybe CANADA….
    Just Saying …

    This comment from Joe Somers


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